TPP Citizens Fund Report


Another huge week for the Tea Party.

•   As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Dave Brat, an unassuming college professor, defeated Eric Cantor, the House Republican Leader, in a primary. Brat put together an incredible team of local Tea Party activists to completely swamp Cantor’s outclassed campaign consultants with conservative voters. Brat and his Tea Party army shocked the world. This is how grassroots campaigns are fought and won! Here is one of my statements on this historic victory:

•   We’re coming down to the wire in Mississippi. The polls all say that Tea Party conservative Chris McDaniel has a very, very small lead. Here at the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund we are doing everything we can to turn out the vote. Last weekend I even traveled to Mississippi and walked door-to-door. Chris must win this race. That’s why we are desperately trying to raise $1 million to help get out the vote in Mississippi. Please, if at all possible, make the very best donation you can to this Mississippi Victory Money Bomb. Just click here.

•   On the subject of Mississippi, we are still pursuing our FEC complaint against the super PAC supporting Thad Cochran’s campaign and an anonymous $250,000 loan. It seems ultra-liberal former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has stepped in to pay off the loan so that the PAC doesn’t have to disclose to whom it owed the money. It’s a sleazy mess. But, then again, everything about Thad Cochran and his big-government-loving backers is a sleazy mess. Read more here:

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Jenny Beth Martin