TPP Citizens Fund Report

Dear Patriot,

Lots of news this week. Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

•   Tea Party-backed candidates fell short in U.S. Senate primaries in Kansas and Tennessee last week. However, both establishment senators, Pat Roberts and Lamar Alexander, failed to win a majority of votes in their Republican primaries. Please think about that. A majority of voters in GOP senate primaries are consistently choosing candidates other than the big-government-loving incumbents. Thank you to everyone who volunteered or donated to our efforts in these two states. It’s never good to lose, but the establishment can no longer take anything for granted.

•    Back on Capitol Hill, the new House GOP Whip is seeking the advice and counsel of a vehemently anti-Tea Party lobbyist over whom to hire for his staff. Please read all about what Congressman Steve Scalise is up to.

•   This past week I attended the meeting of the Republican National Committee. My goal was to press the case for the censure of Mississippi RNC member Henry Barbour, who personally orchestrated the race-baiting campaign of Thad Cochran. There are plenty of good people on the RNC, but Chairman Reince Preibus clearly doesn’t want even look into this matter. That’s truly unfortunate. However, we’ve assembled a comprehensive report on what happened in Mississippi, and we will keep on fighting for justice. Here is our report.

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Jenny Beth Martin