TPP Citizens Fund Report

Here is this week’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Report:

•   Now that virtually all nominating contests are over, we are rapidly preparing to execute our national grassroots general election plan. Local Tea Party groups across America are training and mobilizing for this fall’s elections. If you can help us provide these local groups with the support they need, please visit our donation page here.

•   In the Louisiana senate race, liberal Senator Mary Landrieu is in big trouble. It seems the senator used taxpayer funds to pay for a fancy charter flight that transported her to a political fundraiser. Louisiana is one of the most competitive senate races in the nation, so this is huge news. Read more here.

•   In other big news, conservative governor Rick Perry was just indicted on trumped up political charges that loosely stem from his efforts to get a drunk prosecutor fired. The radical left will use every single lever of government power to impose its agenda on the American people and to destroy its opponents. We saw it with the IRS scandal. We see it here, too. Here is more on Governor Perry’s battle.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for supporting Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund!


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Jenny Beth Martin