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Thanksgiving is this week, and I wanted to take a brief moment to express how thankful we are at the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund for our movement, for our country, and for you, our incredible supporters.

I believe it is all too easy to forget how amazing the Tea Party movement is and how ordinary citizens have an historic opportunity to change America for the better.

Despite all the news coming out of Washington, America is not lost. While our nation’s leaders have placed the United States on a path to financial and economic hardship, “We the People” still have the ability to stop them. We still live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Ordinary citizens are banding together every day at the grassroots level to peacefully strive for freedom and economic liberty. Nowhere else on this planet is there a movement like the Tea Party. Certainly not in dictatorships like North Korea, China or Russia. Not even in “democracies” like France or Italy.

The Tea Party is unique because Americans are unique. We don’t stand by and watch history go past. We take action. We solve problems. We fulfill our own destinies. And we never give up. No matter what the odds.

Our movement was founded by patriotic Americans of from every corner of our great land and from every imaginable background. We banded together because the political establishments of both parties in Washington no longer listened to us. We took action all by ourselves, and today the Tea Party is one of the most extraordinary movements in history.

I am thankful that in America we still have the rights to assemble, to petition our government, to speak our minds, and to stand up to the Washington ruling class’s edicts, regulations, and liberty-stifling laws.

I am thankful that so many millions of Americans aren’t afraid to exercise those rights. I am thankful that that they care so much about our nation that they routinely put their lives on hold to help build the Tea Party movement.

But most of all, I am thankful that YOU are a part of this historic crusade.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may God Bless America!


TParty-Jenny Beth Martin

Jenny Beth Martin



“I’m proud to be American, I’m proud to be free, but I wish I was a dog, and Obama was a tree”

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