Triumph in Italy, surrender in Downing Street

It’s been another busy week in the betrayal of Brexit as politicians on both side of the political spectrum continue to undermine the biggest democratic decision in the history of Britain. It’s clearer than ever that the Battle for Brexit didn’t end on June 23 2016 – we need to keep fighting for the Brexit we all voted for, and you can support our campaign with a donation by following this link.

 Just this week we learnt that the government plans further concessions to the EU on the key issue of immigration, with a leaked paper suggesting that May is mulling over whether or not to surrender our borders in an attempt to please Brussels.

Theresa the Appeaser simply does not get it – she totally ignored mass immigration when she gave her tedious housing speech this week, and the mainstream media refuses to join up the dots when discussing the ever worsening A&E crisis.

It isn’t just our public services either. Just this week, at the trial of alleged Parsons Green tube bomber Ahmed Hassan, it was revealed that Hassan told the Home Office that he was trained to kill by ISIS before coming to Britain on the back of the lorry. Why was he ever allowed to walk our streets?

The government’s surrender of our fisheries continues apace too. After decades of letting the European Union and foreign trawlers feast on one of our great natural resources, senior ministers now refuse to say they will put British fishermen first. One-time Eurosceptic George Eustice is reduced to simply saying we will “manage access to our own waters”, while last year Michael Gove boasted to Danish fishermen that he’d continue to let them plunder our fishing stock.

Not to be outdone by the government, Her Majesty’s Disloyal Opposition embarrassed itself again only a week after their customs union sell-out. A draft press release was revealed showing Labour revelling in their collaboration with Brussels. Utterly disgraceful.

Our cowardly government is only being egged on by elites outside of Wesminster too, as Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary threatened to ground planes just to punish Brits for daring to vote against foreign government. He thinks he can persuade us against Brexit by keeping us off his nightmare flights, but maybe we can persuade him to keep his nose out of our affairs by boycotting his airline

It doesn’t have to be this way. Last weekend we witnessed the triumph of people power in the Italian elections as ordinary voters turned away from the unresponsive establishment parties and backed anti-EU insurgents.

The 5 Star Movement is a young political party, founded less than a decade ago by a professional comedian – it is now kingmaker. Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord is a powerful Eurosceptic force calling for an end to mass immigration – it leapfrogged its establishment, Berlusconi-led counterpart Forza Italia to become the dominant party on the Italian right, exploding from a mere 18 seats to 126.

Together they now hold a majority in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, with the support of 60% of young Italian voters, and an alliance between the two populist forces is the top choice of government for Italians. Don’t expect backsliding from this lot!

And in the United States, Donald Trump shocked the mainstream media by doing exactly what he said he’d do. What a breath of fresh air – a politician who doesn’t lie! His new tariffs on steel and aluminium fulfil his promise to put America back to work and reveal the hypocrisy of the EU – for all their squawking, they hit China with 73.7% anti-dumping tariffs on steel just over a year ago. If you didn’t know that, it might be because 80% of the money we collect in customs duty goes right to fatcats in Brussels instead of our public services…

It’s only a shame that, as Ted Malloch explained today, our membership of the European Union prevents the Americans from giving us an exemption – yet another reason why we need to throw off the shackles and go global! With the Donald bringing North Korea to heel in recent days, the case for Britain as another strong, independent actor on the world stage only gets more persuasive.

We won a huge victory on June 23 2016 when 17.4 million Brits voted to leave the corrupt European Union, but the battle isn’t over. When we look at Italy and America we need to remember that there’s much to do. We made the decision to leave the EU but left it to the same old establishment quislings to deliver the goods. The last 20 months prove that we can’t trust them to – whether it’s Labour or Tories, instead of Brexit we’re being fed a diet of lies and deceit.

That’s why we need to keep fighting – piling the pressure on the Tories and, unfortunately, ensuring we’re prepared to fight a second referendum. Our movement has continued to grow since our historic vote. We reach millions of Brits a week on social media and help bring to light the stories that the mainstream media want to hide. But we need your support.

You can back our campaign by making a donation at Together, let’s remind our pathetic political elite exactly what we voted for!

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team