Trump Trumps NBC, ACB One Step Closer to Court, Big Tech Protects Biden, and more

Facebook and Twitter Censor Bombshell Biden Stories Just Weeks After Execs Join His Transition Team
It’s been a wild ride on social media the past few days, as Big Tech appears to be doing everything they can to run cover for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Read more…

The NBC “town hall” with President Trump turned out not be a town hall, after all. Instead it was an outright ambush. After the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to make the second debate a “virtual debate,” President Trump rightfully declined. Instead he decided to take his message directly to the American people. So, in that spirit, he reached a deal with NBC that would allow him to actually talk with the American people live and answer the important questions they had… or so we all thought. What NBC had in store was anything but a discussion with actual voters about issues that matter. Instead, NBC allowed Democratic pundit Savannah Guthrie to attack the President for an hour straight on national television. Of course, as he always does, the President handled this well — but, in an event that was supposed to be about the President talking with the people, he was allowed to answer less than 10 questions from the town hall attendees. Instead of helping to forward voter education, the mainstream media chose to help forward the DNC’s narrative — in other words, nothing new.



Amy Coney Barrett Flips Script, Uses Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Words To Silence Dems
Judge Amy Coney Barrett brilliantly used the words of late associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg while keeping Democrats at arm’s length during Tuesday’s confirmation hearing. Read more…

This week the Senate Judiciary Committee took the first steps towards confirming President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.


Democrats launched a variety of attacks against her with topics ranging from the dismantling of Obamacare to the core tenets of her faith. Many tried and failed to make the case that she should not be confirmed.


Judge Barrett stood strong and resolute in the face of the Democrats’ attacks, deploying the patience and fortitude only a seasoned jurist and mother of seven can demonstrate.


No attacks against her held any weight and at the end of the day the minds of many Senators remained unchanged one way or another. As it appeared from the start, this will be a vote strictly along party lines — which is why, now more than ever, it is vital that you utilize our Confirm ACB Hub page. There is a petition, a toolkit, and sample social media that you can use to help get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed. So, make your voice heard, tell the Senate to vote to CONFIRM Judge Amy Coney Barrett without delay.





Amy Coney Barrett Reveals Hearing Notes Are Blank in Response to Senator’s Question
For Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, a blank notepad said it all.

Read more…

Our own Jenny Beth Martin was on the frontlines rallying at the U.S. Capitol to make sure your voice was heard! In-person action combined with the support many of you were able to give from homes across America are the keys to getting Judge Barrett confirmed.


Our message, together, is clear:
The Senate must CONFIRM Judge Amy Coney Barrett!



Jenny Beth Martin Rallies at Capitol To Confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Jenny Beth Martin, the Honorary Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action, helped organize a rally Monday in support of the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Read more…

In case you missed it, this week Big Tech engaged in major, blatant election interference.


Major Silicon Valley tech companies rallied around the Biden campaign and colluded to censor a bombshell story that alleged massive Biden family corruption.


Rudy Guiliani broke down the story, telling you what Big Tech doesn’t want you to hear.



Tucker Carlson Nails Big Tech for ‘Mass Censorship on a Scale That America Has Never Experienced’
On most nights, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson speaks out on the concerns of conservative Americans outraged at the paths leftists aim to be taking the country. Read more…



Twitter Locked Official Trump Campaign Account Just Weeks Away from the Election
Twitter briefly locked the Trump campaign out of its official account on Thursday as part of its scorched earth crusade against a bombshell New York Post report about Joe and Hunter Biden. Read more…