Truth Should Outweigh Narrative

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Truth Should Outweigh Narrative

Last week, The New York Times ran a story about a study on Google and the press. The story claims that Google made $4.7 billion off the content created by…

Florida’s Ban on Sanctuary Cities: DeSantis Is a ‘True American and Patriot’

Dan Crenshaw Rips Ex-Obama Aide for Questioning Validity of Iran Tanker Attack Intel

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Parents Leave Note with $100 Tip for Hardworking Teacher Working Second Job at Restaurant

‘I can’t thank you enough — lucky there are people out there who appreciate hard workers,’ the teacher, who moonlights as a waitress, wrote.

Biden Wounded, Perhaps Mortally

Last week, I said that Joe Biden had committed suicide with his restated support for the Hyde Amendment that bans Medicaid coverage for abortion. Apparently,…

Body of Missing Disney Mouseketeer Finally Identified 11 Months After He Went Missing

11 months after Day went missing, state police have finally confirmed that the body they found back in April was him.

Pharma Industry Suing Trump Administration over New Regulations

Pharmaceutical companies are citing ‘freedom of speech concerns.’