Tucker Carlson Says This Book Is ‘Disturbing, But Vital’

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson is praising David Horowitz’s shocking new book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

Here’s what Tucker said about Dark Agenda:

“I’ve been reading David Horowitz since college. Unlike most of us, who get so caught up in the details we miss the point, David sees our political debates in their historical scope.

“He knows where we’re heading, because he understands the forces driving us.

“He’s rarely wrong. Plus he’s a great writer.

“Read this disturbing but vital book.”

Dark Agenda, already a #1 Amazon bestseller, reveals the shocking attempts by the left to discredit Christianity — partly as an effort to undermine President Trump.

Both Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee recently joined Tucker Carlson in endorsing Dark Agenda.

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More About Dark Agenda

Written by David Horowitz, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America is an extraordinary look into the left’s sick and twisted efforts to create a godless, heathen America — and explores how these efforts must be stopped.

A Jewish conservative thinker, Horowitz is also the author of the critically acclaimed Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America — a book that rocked Washington to its core and was a runaway New York Times bestseller.

Now this famed author investigates the hate-filled radicals who envision a new millennium in which Christianity is banished.

He warns these rising hateful attacks threaten all Americans — Christians and Jews alike.

Horowitz believes the new wave of anti-Christian persecution began with Barack Obama – and that the Biden-Kamala administration will bring Obama’s frightening policies back.

Dark Agenda delivers a shocking look at the rise of anti-Christianity, unequivocally showing how liberals and their radical allies are dead-set on extinguishing Judeo-Christian values — the very foundation of our democracy.

Should this happen, freedom as we know it will perish.

Listen . . .

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Dark Agenda is a must-read for every God-loving, faithful Christian in America.

Or even Jews like Horowitz who worry about the future of all religious freedoms . . .

In Dark Agenda you’ll discover:

The shocking truth behind the “most hated woman in America.” See how this deranged woman fueled Christian hate and anti-Semitism, forcibly removing prayer from school. The untold story of her ruthless lies and deceptions . . . page 64

How the Supreme Court overturned a 170-year-old tradition established by our Founding Fathers and took separation of church and state and turned it upside down . . . page 52

The deliberate whitewashing of history by the left, which has gone so far as to remove the Pilgrims from history books . . . simply because the very name implies religion . . . page 57

How prayer in school was ruled unconstitutional overnight . . . page 64

Horowitz predicts the far left will soon try to gain control of the courts, giving them a free hand to limit religious freedoms and undermine America’s Judeo-Christian foundations.

It’s all in Dark Agenda

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