UK Independence Party Conference September 20th – 22nd


The EU is in crisis, the Euro suffering a long slow death, and all over Europe political movements are arising to challenge the undemocratic European Project. But what comes next? What does the future hold for a UK, and a Europe, freed from the shackles of the ‘great harmonisation’?

In a Conference speaker line-up of unprecedented quality, we will hear from some of the most influential economists and politicians, on their vision for the future. The Friday of Conference is also open to non-members who wish to purchase a ticket and attend.


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Speakers include:

Two Treasury advisers

This year we have not just one, but two of the legendary ‘Wise Men’, former advisers to the Treasury and among the country’s leading economists.

ROGER BOOTLE – Winner of the Wolfson Prize for Economics, the world’s leading award after the Nobel Prize, Roger Bootle is recognised globally as the expert on the future of the Euro, the Eurozone and how countries can escape it.

TIM CONGDON – More jobs, more growth, lower debts, rising prosperity: what will life be like for the UK after we throw off the EU straitjacket? Prof Tim Congdon has spent a year working on the figures, to unveil a startlingly different outlook from the one the Europhiles predict.

Two ‘dangerous men’

TIMO SOINI – TRUE FINNS LEADER – One of the ’13 People Who are Ruining the World’s Economy’ according to a recent media report, Timo is at the forefront of opposition to the Euro bail-out policy, within the Eurozone itself.

NIGEL FARAGE – ‘LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION’ – One of the ’10 Most Dangerous People in Europe’ (which also featured Timo), Nigel is now regarded not just in the UK and Europe, but globally, as the voice of opposition to the failed European Project.

PLUS: Patrick O’Flynn (Daily Express), Reverend Dr Peter Mullen (Daily Telegraph Blogger), Party Treasurer Stuart Wheeler and MANY MORE!

Tickets are selling fast so


And be a part what is sure to be a UKIP Conference to remember!

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