UK Supreme Court dismisses abortion law challenge

– UK Supreme Court dismisses legal challenge to Northern Irish abortion laws in a majority decision
– 100,000 people alive today because of Northern Ireland’s pro-life legislation

Find the full PR here with a quote from our expert lawyer:

“We welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the challenge to Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws. At least 100,000 people in Northern Ireland are alive today because the Northern Ireland Assembly declined to adopt the 1967 Abortion Act. Having dealt with the procedural question that led to the challenge being dismissed, the seven justices then engaged in hundreds of paragraphs of non-binding observations on the precise scope of the protections for unborn life. The significant disagreement among the judges reveals the complete lack of consensus on the application of human rights law to the rights of the unborn, and demonstrates why such highly sensitive and moral questions must be a matter for elected representatives, in this case the Northern Ireland Assembly.”