UKIP candidate gives up his job to campaign in by-election as the Green candidate concedes defeat


‘Give Norwich North a Fresh Tingle’

Vote Glenn Tingle, UK Independence Party


Glenn Tingle, the UK Independence Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North has committed himself full time to his ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ by-election campaign by giving up his job as a contracts manager for a local engineering company. Mr Tingle formally submitted his nomination papers on Monday (6th July).


He said: “I did not feel that I could fully commit myself as a candidate, while trying to hold down a job. For me, the ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’ campaign is far too important to be going at it with anything less than 100% concentration. It was also unfair to my employer. The voters are crying out for a fresh start and they won’t get that from any of the other parties.


“The Tories have chosen a youngster, who works in London and who has very limited knowledge of local issues and the Lib Dems have brought in a failed candidate from another local constituency. The Labour Party is in meltdown and the Green Party has chosen Rupert Read, who has already conceded defeat in the by-election, in comments he made to the Times last Friday. Not the most inspiring field to choose from unless you vote for Glenn Tingle and a ‘Clean Start for Norwich North’.”

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