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2012 is an extremely important year for UKIP – the fastest growing political party in the country.


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We have an opportunity to show voters that we are the fresh choice for those who are fed up with the same old faces and empty promises of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties.


We are standing as UKIP’s team of Assembly candidates. We will be fighting to give Londoners some real representation on the Greater London Assembly. If successful we shall be able to hold the Mayor to account and ask those awkward questions, challenging the status quo.


We can do this. The London Assembly elections use a system of proportional representation, similar to the system used in European Election, that opens the door for UKIP representatives to be elected and become a voice for the British people.


In 2004, UKIP won 2 seats on the GLA. This year we hope to do even better as we challenge the three tired old parties. We only need just over 10% to get 3 Assembly Members elected.


But as you know, UKIP doesn’t have the network of big donors or the Trade Union backing that other parties do. We rely on you.


We will be honest: we need to raise £250,000 to get our message out there in London and get Assembly members elected. Anything you can give towards that huge amount will help us.


Momentum is on our side. YouGov’s January poll put UKIP on 5% in London, up from 3% back in mid-June. The Liberal Democrats have stood still in the polls and are on just 8%. We really can win seats in this election. We really can challenge the status quo in British politics. But only if you help us.


Whether you can give £20, £30, £50 or more, it will all go towards UKIP’s effort of offering the British people a fresh and credible alternative, something our country badly needs.


Success in the London elections, with elected UKIP Assembly Members, will send a very powerful message to the three old parties, the media and the public: that UKIP is on the rise and means business. Please, help us today.


Yours Sincerely,

The UKIP Team for London

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