UKIP Scores Impressive 11.83% in Norwich North

The by-election result in Norwich North has given the UK Independence Party further reason for celebration
following its double success in the County and District Council by-election in Cambridgeshire, last night.
Its candidate in the Parliamentary by-election, Glenn Tingle, has picked up 4,068 votes, 11.83%.
Mr Tingle was fourth, only narrowly beaten by the Liberal Democrat candidate.

The Party's MEPs in the Eastern Counties, David Campbell Bannerman and Stuart Agnew
both campaigned in Norwich North for Mr Tingle.  Mr Campbell Bannerman, who is also UKIP's
Deputy Leader said:  "This is a very good result for us.  We started from a low base and
worked extremely hard.  We were helped by having a dedicated and genuinely local
candidate who really threw himself into the campaign.  I congratulate Glenn on what he
has achieved.

"I am particularly pleased that we beat the Greens by over 700 votes, because their
candidate was given much greater broadcast media coverage than we were. This excellent
result follows on from last night's success in Cambridgeshire and really does show that UKIP
is now well and truly on the political map in domestic elections. Voters now know that there
is another serious contender in British politics."

Mr Tingle said:  "Obviously, I would like to have won but I am pleased with what we achieved
because we can build on this result in the future.  I believe the voters in this area will remember
UKIP when the General and local elections come around.  I would like to thank the Norwich North
voters for their support and my campaign team, who worked so hard."

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