UKIP’s ‘beach barbecue’ at the UEA Climate Research Unit 18.12.09

Norwich should look like this but its under 20cm of snow today

Norwich should look like this but its under 20cm of snow today

Stuart Agnew, the MEP for the Eastern Counties is today (18.12.09) organising a beach barbecue outside the Climate Research Unit (Lamb Building) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. He will be joined at 1.30pm by the prospective Parliamentary candidates for Norwich – Glenn Tingle and Steve Emmens for a hot sausage barbecue session, under the heading: “You promised us global warming – where the hell is it?” UKIP PPCs from all over East Anglia have also been invited.

Mr Agnew, who lives in Norfolk, said: “Although it all sounds very funny, there is a serious message behind what we are doing. The work of the Climate Research Unit at the UEA has been exposed in recent weeks as flawed and subject to possible bias. There are also allegations that data has been destroyed to avoid Freedom of Information requests for research sources, which is very serious. As many of the doom laden predictions of the International Panel on Climate Change and much of what is being discussed in Copenhagen are based on the work of the Unit, we want to make the point that they’ve got it wrong and that the public is being conned.

“So, we will be shovelling the snow to one side, to hold our beach barbecue. The staff at the CRU are more than welcome to join us!”

The UKIP protest has been deliberately timed to coincide with the last day of the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, itself taking place in blizzards and to focus attention on the CRU and its failings.

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