URGENT! Action Day Monday

Boston tea party

No Taxation Without Representation – Time to haul down the Red Flag of Brussels

Can you spare a couple of hours on MONDAY, to let your MPs know that you expect them to Vote For Democracy?

There are occasionally moments in history that have defining effects on the future. Such a moment will happen on MONDAY, 24th October, in the afternoon or early evening.


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That day, the House of Commons will debate the following motion: “This House calls upon the Government to introduce a bill in the next session of Parliament to provide for the holding of a National Referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union, leave the European Union, or renegotiate the terms of its membership in order to create a new relationship based on trade and cooperation.”

UKIP are joining the People’s Pledge in organising a mass Lobby of Parliament starting at 12.00, and carrying on throughout the afternoon while the MPs debate the motion inside.

Come and be where history is being made. And please tell anyone you know, who you think might be interested. See you in Parliament Square (College Green) from noon next MONDAY!

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