Urgent call to action for border security – Call GOP Senators TODAY!

On Monday we asked you to call your GOP Senators, and we are asking you to call them again TODAY. If you are on Twitter, you can tweet them as well as an additional way to apply pressure. The Senate is voting tomorrow on the resolution of disapproval on President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration. See the script below, and then further down are some links and resources for you to read after you make your calls, including the update about Sen. Mike Lee’s deal!


All you need to say when you call is this:

“Hello, my name is [Your Name] and I live in [City, State]. I’m calling to ask [Senator’s Name] to VOTE NO on the resolution of disapproval regarding President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration.”

It looks like we do not have your address in our system, and therefore, cannot locate the senators that represent your state. Please Update Your Profile to have this key information provided in the future. In the meantime, visit our Find Your Members of Congress area to locate this contact information, or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be transferred to each office. (NOTE: You will need to call the Capitol Switchboard each time to be transferred.) If your address is in our system and you still do not see any senators, you may not have any senators that are Republican.

If you want to go ahead and remind them that there IS a border crisis, please do, but the important message is the one in the call script above.


If you don’t have any GOP Senators, please tweet your Senators with the same message (if you’re on Twitter), and please sign up to attend or organize a Stop Socialism and Choose Freedom rally on April 15th! Our country must rise up against this resurgence of socialism and we need all hands on deck.


Additional Reading


Thank you!! Please share this call to action with your network as well!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin