Urgent – Stand Firm Against Amnesty


If you saw Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last night, you know that he is still planning to push for amnesty in this Congress.



Today, House Republicans embark on their annual retreat, and for weeks we have been hearing that they are ready to cave on amnesty.

With the President still pushing for it and with the House Leadership flirting with caving, this could be the all-out drive to pass an immigration amnesty bill in the House of Representatives that we have been warning about.

It’s up to all of us to stop this madness. It’s up to the Tea Party to make sure John Boehner and his cronies can’t sell us out on this critical issue.

Please, make an emergency generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford right away.

We need to bombard House Republicans with so many calls, faxes, emails, and ads that they will ignore Barack Obama and their establishment “leaders,” and prevent amnesty.

These Republican “leaders” have been hinting for months that they are going to cave on amnesty and give Barack Obama exactly what he wants.

The pressure from big business to pass amnesty is incredible. Lobbyists are throwing campaign cash around Capitol Hill. Technology moguls from companies like Facebook have flown into D.C. to twist arms and buy votes.

And now Barack Obama has joined the drive to ram this bill through the House.

This is a massive bi-partisan sellout of the American people.

We must rise up and fight back now.

Please, please make the very best donation you possibly can right now to help us fight back.

The American people don’t want big government. They don’t want millions of illegal immigrants to be given amnesty without securing our borders.

And that is the point we must drive home.

We must zero in on each and every weak and wavering Republican.

We must force them to make a choice between their constituents back home, and their establishment Republican “leaders” who believe that giving liberal Democrats exactly what they want is “good politics.”

Again, the pressure on rank-and-file GOP members in the House truly is unbelievable.

Self-appointed “political consultants” are telling them that the key to winning elections is selling out.

Wealthy big business interests are screaming that they need to exploit cheap immigrant labor.

Republican House leaders are trying to pressure members to support this nonsense by any number of means.

And, of course, the Obama Democrats are pounding on them day and night to support this amnesty bill.

The Ruling Class will stop at NOTHING to push this bill through the House!

We must overcome all that pressure. We must mobilize like never before. We must hold the line in the House!

This is the biggest legislative battle since Obamacare. We must win it.

Please donate whatever you can today.

Our grassroots movement will always be outspent by the Ruling Class.

But we have one thing the establishment doesn’t have. We have millions and millions of American taxpayers who don’t want amnesty and the additional big-government programs that come with it.

If we can just mobilize them – if we can just channel their energy towards Capitol Hill – then we can stop this bill!

However, that’s going to take a significant amount of funding. And we don’t have much time to raise it. So please, please make the most generous donation you possibly can today.

Thank you in advance for all your help. And please pray for America!

Donate Now!

For Freedom,


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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