Veterans for Britain in Manchester – Monday 02 Oct


Veterans for Britain in Manchester – Monday 02 Oct

We are organising a free public meeting in Manchester on Monday to ensure that our message is heard by attendees at the adjacent Conservative Party Conference.

The event, co-hosted by the Bruges Group, features our chairman, Major-General Julian Thompson, Colonel Richard Kemp and Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, who have been warning about the EU’s gathering defence plans since the referendum.

We will be explaining what the UK has already signed up to and how the country is at risk of entering joint EU arrangements that hand increasing control of defence to Brussels.

Join us at 1045, Mon 02 Oct at The Great Hall, Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA

We will be holding a second event inside the Conservative Party Conference enclosure and will feature Mark Francois MP and VfB campaigners Dr Lee Rotherham, Professor Gwythian Prins and David Banks. It is co-hosted by the Taxpayers’ Alliance. If you happen to be attending Conservative conference, it takes place at 1300 in the outdoor marquees.

More info about the two events can be found on the VfB website here.