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I would like to extend a massive, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make this possible


The ‘Leave’ vote on Independence Day was nothing less than a revolution in British politics.
Never before in our history has? the Establishment received such an emphatic message from the people, or has ?the gulf between the self-regarding elites of the political class and those they are ?supposed to serve been thrown into sharper relief.
When the serried ranks of grim-faced career politicians who threatened that Brexit would mean lighting a bomb under the economy, plunging us into a Third World War and bringing about “the end of Western political civilisation” are forced to march through the parliamentary lobbies to give force to the public vote, it will be the greatest illustration of popular sovereignty this country has ever seen.

Our representatives will be left in no doubt that they are our servants, not our masters, and that the power they wield is lent to them by the people, it is not an entitlement they can hand away to unaccountable bureaucrats overseas on a whim.

None of this would have been possible without the tens of thousands of grassroots activists and supporters who took our case to doorsteps and shared our articles, news stories and videos with millions of people on social media. You have made history, this is your victory.
Leave.EU raised and spent £11 million, more than both the official campaigns.

We delivered over 20 million leaflets, wrote to 10 million ?people, produced 500,000 car stickers ?and? phoned 1 million people through our call centre in Bristol.
Our social media campaign was supported by a million people with ?our content reaching? between 15 to 20 million? people a week.

Thank you to everyone that played their part in this victory, you fought for your country and? won.

Kind regards,

Arron Banks
Leave.EU Chairman

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