we do not have a representative government

When’s the last time you felt like your representative listened to you?

We do NOT have a representative government.

We need to get everyday Americans into office so that we can get an actual representative government as the founders intended.

The political class is out of touch.




Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives is not representative of the American people.

The radical Democratic Party is run by AOC and the Squad, and they are hellbent on destroying every single one of our civil liberties. Meanwhile, we have RINO Republicans on the other side that, instead of fighting them tooth and nail, vote with them!

If the establishment Republicans and the Democrats all do not want to do the job of helping President Trump make this country great again, then I guess regular citizens like myself will have to step up & do it!

Who’s with me?

If you want a MAGA Republican in Congress instead of a RINO, donate just $5 dollars today.

“We the people” have to take matters into our own hands!

When I’m in Congress, I’m going to take The Squad on directly. I’m tired of seeing Republicans tiptoe around them so as not to offend anyone. Their ideas are dangerous and they must be called out.

Please consider donating just five dollars to help us fight for LIBERTY. We can’t do this without your help. Every dollar spent goes towards defending freedom.

For Liberty,

Lauren Boebert
Conservative for Congress