We have to stop this

Joe Biden and his globalist friends are trying to undermine the fabric of the United States by enacting a massive amnesty for tens of millions of illegal immigrants. 

The mere talk of amnesty has invited more illegal immigration, with a massive caravan careening towards the southern border as we speak. Biden wants to prevent tourists from visiting the US due to COVID, yet for some reason COVID isn’t such a concern when it comes to the impending caravan.

My friend, this is wrong.

When I became Governor of Florida, one of my top priorities was to sign a bill banning sanctuary cities — and I did it.

I was also the first Florida Governor to sign E-Verify legislation to ensure a legal workforce, reduce incentives for illegal immigration and put Floridians and Americans first.

If Joe Biden and his leftist handlers have their way, every city in America would be a sanctuary city for drugs, murderers, child traffickers, and illegal immigrants that routinely break the law.

In a time where millions of Americans are out of work because of liberal lockdowns and the far left’s disdain for working people, Joe Biden wants to flood our country with cheap labor for his Wall Street overlords.

It’s clear that our new America-Last President and his globalist allies have no issue with prioritizing criminals over everyday citizens – we can’t let them get away with this lawlessness!

If we let Biden and his team take these radical steps towards blanket amnesty, every migrant caravan and MS-13 gang member will take it as a green light to flood our streets and get taxpayer-funded benefits.

In order to preserve Law and Order and keep our streets safe, I need you in this fight with me.

Please, rush in a contribution if you can. We are the only people standing between the America we love and Joe Biden’s socialist policies. We need to stand together.

>>Rush in $20<<

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>>Rush in Any Amount<<

Your support today could make all the difference in stopping these elites who value illegal immigrants over the American people.

Thank you for helping me put Americans first,
Governor Ron DeSantis