We must replace the legacy media

he Democrats, Big Tech, and the legacy media want to silence us. 

And by “us,” I mean anyone who speaks out against a radical-left agenda that celebrates socialism, encourages gender fluidity, and hates America.

The legacy media do not care one iota about grassroots Americans like you. And social media — the place Americans used to turn if they were dissatisfied with the monolithic left-wing media — have simply become a bullhorn for the legacy media.


It’s all a game to them… a daily contest to see how aggressively they can suppress conservatives who don’t walk in lockstep with an extreme leftist ideology.


Here at the Daily Wire, we’ve had enough. We’ve decided that it’s time to replace the legacy media, and we have heard from thousands of conservatives just like you who agree.


I hope you’ll join us in replacing the left-wing legacy media with a news and opinion source that puts American values first. This is your invitation to “cut the cord,” leave the left-wing media in the dust, and become a member of the Daily Wire. And to sweeten the deal, for a limited time, you can get 25% off your membership by entering the code ELECTION at checkout.

I founded The Daily Wire in 2015 as a counterweight to the legacy media.


Today, we are one of America’s fastest-growing conservative media companies and the premier counter-cultural outlet for news, opinion, and entertainment. 


The team here is opinionated, noisy, and unafraid to stand up and defend the TRUTH.


We’ve formed an all-star team featuring Candace Owens, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, and more.


If you’re sick of reading and watching biased reporting, and feel you can’t even trust Fox News these days, I hope you’ll join us at The Daily Wire today.


With your Daily Wire membership you’ll get:

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Here at The Daily Wire, we’re not just trying to compete with the legacy media. With your help, we’re going to REPLACE them. 


We’re building a one-stop-shop for pro-America news and analysis that real Americans are simply not getting from the elitist left-wing networks.


That’s why we’ve made several big announcements about our vision to replace the legacy media:

  • Candace Owens will be moving to our headquarters in Nashville to launch a new show with The Daily Wire.
  • We will be launching Morning Wire, a morning podcast to compete with The Daily by NYTimes and UpFirst by NPR.
  • The Daily Wire has developed an exclusive partnership with PragerU, giving all of our members access to their entire library.
  • We’re releasing our first feature film early next year, and so much more!

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Ben Shapiro