We need your help in 2013


Hasn’t 2012 been a remarkable year for UKIP and our cause? Second place in two by-elections; and by the end of the year 16 per cent of voters saying they were ready to vote for UKIP, and a full 40 per cent saying they might. Our arguments drive the mainstream political debate today and will be on show again as I appear on the panel of BBC1’s Question Time tonight at 10:35PM.


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The Westminster political media elite, and the European machine, have had to sit up and take note. What an opportunity we have now. We’ve earned it, and we should seize it.


I am making 2013 a National Campaign Year. We will focus on the Council Elections across England on 2 May, fighting the vast majority of seats and targeting areas heavily to achieve breakthroughs. We will mount a national advertising campaign to both boost our election results and build membership. And I will be undertaking a Campaign Tour across a large part of the country.


There is a strong, and sombre reason for mounting a national campaign this year. Our country faces a looming threat:

* On January 1st 2014, the UK will open its door to unlimited numbers of people from Romania and Bulgaria.
* 29 million people will be entitled to come here – not just to work, but to take advantage of our benefits, housing, schools and health services.
* 50% of Bulgarians live in real poverty; while Romania has major social problems. Both countries suffer from institutionalised crime and an unstable grip on democracy and the law.

If we’re going to keep the National Health Service free; prevent house-builders from concreting over the countryside; and protect our pensioners and our young people seeking work, something must be done.



To make this National Campaign successful will take drive, volunteers and money. We have the drive, and the willing volunteers. I ask you therefore to think what you can give, so that we can get this vital message out and put the maximum pressure on the government to stop the next great wave of immigration. We have twelve months.


Nigel Farage (right) being interviewed for Sky News

Yours sincerely,


Nigel Farage MEP

UKIP Leader

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