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We need your help with two very important things right away.



First, will you please help us fund our ongoing grassroots efforts to stop Barack Obama’s executive amnesty? We need your help continue funding our online phone banks and petition efforts.

And second, will you make a generous gift to help us fund the urgent distribution of our documentary about the true story of the crisis on the border?

The entire open-borders movement is about to make a massive push for amnesty. President George W. Bush’s attorney general even just came out in favor of Barack Obama’s illegal “Executive Amnesty” scheme!

Please make a special generous contribution of $25, $30, $50, $100, $200, or whatever you can afford right away.

This two-pronged approach is the best way to stop this border nightmare once and for all.

First, we must keep the pressure on our lawmakers. That’s why we have thousands of activists from around the country melting the phone lines at the Capitol and protesting in the streets.

And second, we must show our fellow Americans the true consequences that await us if this executive order goes through.

And our documentary will do just that. It will absolutely stun the American people.

Please give what you can right now to help us continue these vital projects.

By the end of this week, we must raise another $12,350 to keep the phone lines open to the Capitol.

And we are still $65,434 short of what we need to pay for the massive nationwide distribution of our documentary.

And we’re relying on you to help us hit those marks. Please give whatever you can right now.

The fact is, Barack Obama created this border mess. He illegally refused to enforce our immigration laws.

And now, he has the nerve to threaten executive action to grant amnesty to millions, which will only entice more illegal immigrants!

The American people are paying a fearful price for this president’s reckless policies. We can’t afford any more. We must stop it!

That’s what our documentary explains. It goes into all the terrifying details of what is happening along the U.S.-Mexican border.

You see, it’s not simply that thousands of people are pouring across the frontier.

It’s the violence, the mayhem, the disease and the chaos!

The border crisis is really a border disaster!

And Obama will make it even worse if he issues his illegal executive order granting amnesty.

Please, please help us stop him. Help us keep the phone lines open and humming. Help us get our hard-hitting documentary in front of every single voter in America.

Simply click here to make your generous gift.

Thank you so much for your help!

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