We should all be worried about this


Can I count on you to stand up for cherished conservative principles against the inside-the-DC-beltway Ruling Class – the one that wants to wrap up the GOP presidential nomination for Jeb Bush before the nomination contest even begins?



The Big Government political establishment is already going all-out to drive local Tea Party activists out of power in the GOP ahead of the 2016 elections.

Their goal is to shoehorn GOP primary voters into supporting yet another big-spending “moderate” as the party’s 2016 nominee.

It’s already starting in one very high-profile race, which I want to tell you about in a moment.

But first, I want to ask you to please make a generous contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $200, or more to help us fight back before this establishment effort can gain any more steam.


Here’s what’s happening, and why you should be concerned:

In Arizona, John McCain and his allies are working to purge Tea Party supporters from the state’s Republican Party.

They are moving fast to make sure no one can stand up to McCain and beat him for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination in 2016.

Now, if you don’t live in Arizona, this may not seem like such a big deal.

But think about it for a moment. If they’re willing to go to all this trouble to save one establishment Senator, what will they do to make sure that we nominate a big-spending moderate for president?!

We must fight back before this shady Ruling Class effort gets off the ground!

Please pitch in whatever you can right now. Just click here to make a much-needed contribution.

The inside-the-DC-beltway political establishment knows how powerful the Tea Party movement has become.

So they’re going on the offensive against “We the People” like never before.

In ritzy boardrooms all across America, establishment cronies and GOP bigwigs are conspiring to make sure no Tea Party candidate wins the Republican nomination for President.

They desperately want the bailouts, special tax exemptions and pork barrel spending to keep going. They don’t want to reduce big government – they want to use it for their own purposes.

Dozens of them recently attended a fundraising dinner for Jeb Bush where they shelled out $100,000 per plate!

They’re investing heavily to make sure their status quo-preserving candidate makes it to the White House in 2016.

And if we don’t get moving, they’ll get their wish.

Please pitch in whatever you possibly can right now.

Here at the TPP Citizens Fund, we have a concrete National Plan of Action to fight back. But we urgently need your help to keep it on track.

First, we must identify, recruit, organize, train, and deploy local Tea Party activists like never before. The more activists we have, the more grassroots battles we will win.

The establishment may be able to purge one or two Tea Party volunteers from a state party, but they can’t defeat an entire Tea Party Army!

Next, we must implement our national Yellow Card Initiative all across the country to separate the real conservatives from the faux conservatives.

We need to make sure we have local Tea Party volunteers armed with yellow cards questioning every single Presidential candidate at every single campaign stop in the early primary states.

We are not going to let any of these politicians “spin” their way out of the most pressing issues of our day.

Now, this is a bold plan, and a big one. It will span the entire election cycle and stretch across several key states.

And to be honest, we don’t yet have anywhere near the resources we need to fund it.

Please help us do just that by pitching in a generous gift right now. We need your help to build our 2016 Tea Party “war chest” and prepare for a long, difficult battle against a determined and well-funded political establishment.

I know we can win this fight and save our country. But we have to do it together!

So please, make the very, very best gift you can today.



Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

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