We told you this would happen

The subject line of our email call to action yesterday was, “Watch this before G00GL3 deletes it.” In a world where we receive so many emails each day, we often have to be clever to make sure our emails stand out in crowded inboxes so that you a) open our email and then b) take action.


As our subject line predicted, Google removed the Project Veritas video from YouTube yesterday. And why not? The video showed a Google executive, admitting that the company has a responsibility to “prevent another Trump situation” from happening. She even went so far as to say that breaking up Google would be a bad thing because it would take a big, powerful company like Google to stop another 2016 from happening. Or, in other words, they intend to influence an election. There’s no way Google wanted this out in the public domain. So, they will do everything they can to suppress this information.


There are so many things to unwind from this. First off, if Russian meddling in our elections is a bad thing (and it is), then why isn’t it bad that Google employees see it as their responsibility to do the same thing? Where are the Congressional investigations on that?


Next, the Google executive responded in a blog post yesterday that she was just having a “casual chat” at dinner. I mean, who doesn’t have “casual chats” about being the real-life version of George Orwell’s Big Brother from 1984? Or, “casual chats” about censoring information and deciding what you are allowed to read like the Nazis did with their propaganda or burning books?


I hope you caught my sarcasm there. The truth is, this is a frightening prospect. Google has access to so many parts of our lives that if they wanted to – and I’ll leave that to you to decide – they could manipulate things that could influence human thought as we know it.


For example, what if they are crawling the free Gmail accounts they give us to determine our interests so that they can sell our thoughts to companies looking to market products to us based on what we say? Just think of what else they could decipher from crawling our emails. Or what if they decide that instead of letting people find accurate information on the internet, they only want people to know about and agree with their world view? Think about it. In so many ways, Google has become an extension of our brains. When we don’t know what something means or how to do something, we often turn to Google to find the answer. If Google believes they have a responsibility to influence the way people think, why wouldn’t they manipulate their search results to send people to sources that only back up Google’s world view?


Yesterday’s Project Veritas video highlighted a very important thing. Big tech has given us incredible tools to access the internet – which has essentially become a collection of human knowledge and experience. However, it is alarming that many of these big tech companies believe they must be the gatekeepers of certain information in an effort to influence the world to look like what they believe the world should look like. This is soft-tyranny, anti-freedom, or whatever you want to call it.


In an effort to protect ourselves and protect the values that we hold dear – personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future – our Constitution – we are asking you to take two very important actions today.




First, become a member of our Social Media Minutemen. This will allow us to contact you via text message about important calls to action. This is important because with big tech controlling so many of the ways that we currently communicate – email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we need to be able to reach you in the event that they start censoring our content – like our calls to action. And honestly, who knows if some of our content is already being shadow-banned or not? Join our Social Media Minutemen by visiting our website and submitting your cell phone number.





Second, help continue to expose Google by sharing a clip of the video we included in our email to you yesterday (if you weren’t able to view it by the time it was taken down, we have uploaded it to Vimeo, a different video hosting platform).


To share this clip of the Project Veritas video, download it to your computer and post it directly on your own social media accounts. If you’re on a computer, simply click this link and then click the “Download” button (some phones will also allow you to save the file to upload to social media). Save the video to your computer’s desktop so it is easy to find. Then go to Facebook or Twitter to create a new post and click on the Photo/Video button. A window will pop up to allow you to navigate to your desktop to select the video. Select the video and post it to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ExposeGoogle.


You can also include some commentary like, “This is a must watch and frightening video of a Google executive exclaiming the company’s supposed responsibility to prevent President Trump from being re-elected. #ExposeGoogle”

If we all share the video separately to our own social media accounts, it will be harder for Google to censor all of us. Let’s take a stand for free speech AND election integrity by posting this video to social media and let’s stand up to the modern-day “big brother” today!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin