Weekly news update – May talks tough on Gibraltar, but buckles on migration







This week, Prime Minister Theresa May sent mixed messages as she stood strong for the people of Gibraltar while appearing to cave in on the key issue of uncontrolled mass immigration.


Spanish tough talk over Gibraltar intensified as the British territory was threatened by EU aggression in the upcoming Article 50 negotiations. European officials want to see Spain given a fatal veto over whether any Brexit deal applies to overseas territories. There are fears that the historic rock could be cut asunder from the British motherland.

But Britain hit back with many Tory insiders warning that the Prime Minister would be prepared to go to war over Gibraltar – a determination that will remind many of Mrs Thatcher’s defence of the Falkland Islands.

What a shame the Prime Minister is failing to show the same strength on Britain’s borders, with suggestions this week that she could extend the European Union’s hated free movement policy.

So-called Brexiteer Boris Johnson has joined in, cementing fears that the government is set to betray the British people.

Should we be surprised? As Home Secretary, Theresa May had years to stem the migrant influx, yet numbers rose to record highs. She needs to wake up and deliver what we voted for in June 2016.

The Prime Minister’s failings are not limited to the big migration question either, already we are seeing signs of a willingness to go back on her word: Originally adamant that the UK would find an agreement on all the necessary terms for a future trading partnership by March 2019, May has now indicated that she will go along with the EU’s guidelines (explained in detail here), which instead call for separate trade negotiations to continue interminably after the Article 50 period elapses.

The longer we stay locked in negotiations with the EU the greater the possibility of Brussels hanging onto large amounts of our sovereignty.

On the European mainland, trouble is brewing. A majority of Germans are now against importing more dangerous, unvetted foreign refugees. 54% say that “the limit of burdens has been reached” according to the latest poll. Bad luck for them – the newest reports in the German press say that a quarter of a million Syrians now have permission to bring their families over. Where will the madness end?

Luckily for neighbouring France, common sense candidate, Marine Le Pen’s popularity is reaching records heights, a predicted 47% in the final run-off. With polls across the West underestimating support for radical political solutions from Brexit to Trump, France should soon have the type of strong leadership sorely lacking on the continent. With Hungary, Poland, and now even Austria, being told they must take more refugees than they can cope with, expect more countries to repel EU imperialism.

In economic news: as it emerged that Britain may be entitled to money from the EU rather than having to settle a bill to leave, news emerged that Canada has already been engaged in informal trade talks with the UK as the benefits of free trade with the US were revealed and the Prime Minister remained optimistic about Britain inheriting existing trade deals; reams of good economic data came out this week with productivity finally overtaking pre-crash levels, sterling boosting British exports, and services growing at a three-month high; ASOS reported a huge sales surge in Brexit Britain; investors remained upbeat as tech start-ups continued to boom and financial giant JP Morgan did a U-turn on threats to take jobs out of London; homeowners received good news as it was announced house prices are set to rise 4.4% despite Brexit talks; and iconic company Cabdury brought Dairy Milk production back to the UK.

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