We’re saying Happy New Year again




2019 has been a GREAT year to be an American thanks to President Trump’s incredible leadership.



Here are just a few of the outstanding things we’ve accomplished this year.

  • Passed the USMCA to replace the disastrous NAFTA
  • Over 7 MILLION new jobs created since President Trump took office
  • A record number of Americans are employed
  • U.S. Military killed top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  • More than 10,000 more factories in America than on Election Day 2016
  • Withdrew from Obama’s disastrous Iran Deal and imposed the toughest sanctions ever
  • Successfully confirmed over 150 federal judges since January 2017
  • Tax cuts for small businesses
  • Made significant progress on building the wall
  • Hispanic-American unemployment hit the lowest point ever recorded
  • Women’s unemployment hit its lowest rate in more than 65 years
  • Record-low unemployment for African Americans
  • Asian-American unemployment reached the lowest rate ever recorded
  • Imposed tariffs on China to combat its abusive trade practices
  • Many, many more!

To celebrate what a great year 2019 has been for our country, we want to do something special for President Trump, First Lady Melania, and the entire Trump family.

We’re giving our top supporters like YOU the chance to wish the First Family a Happy New Year with a personal message.

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Wish the First Family a Happy New Year.

We accomplished so much in 2019, and we know that the WINNING will only continue in 2020.

Hurry, limited time to send your Happy New Year message to the First Family.

Will President Trump and Melania be hearing from you this New Year, Ian?

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