We’re taking a big gamble in Mississippi


We still haven’t raised enough money to print the get-out-the-vote materials our grassroots volunteers need on the ground in Mississippi.



However, I’ve taken a huge gamble and ordered the door hangers and pamphlets anyway.

I’ve also told our phone banks to keep running and that Tea Party donors across the nation will come through for us over these last few hours before the polls close in Mississippi.

Please make an urgent contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford right now.

We need to raise $1 million dollars by election day. I’m really counting on you.

Everything depends on our ability to get-out-the-vote for Chris McDaniel in these last few hours.

Thad Cochran’s cronies are throwing cash all around the state in a desperate effort to convince liberal Democrats to swamp the GOP primary and defeat Chris.

It’s one of the most cynical and disgusting political ploys I’ve ever seen.

However, if we don’t turn out every single conservative in Mississippi tomorrow, Thad Cochran’s plan could work.

Please, help us raise this $1 million dollars for Chris McDaniel.

As I mentioned, I’ve already effectively spent this money to help our valiant volunteers in Mississippi. I know that good people like you won’t let us down.

Please click here to make a secure online donation. I am counting on you.


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For freedom,

Jenny Beth Martin