What Cameron MAY do – one day


An increasingly desperate Clueless Cameron is thrashing about for policy ideas and trying to smear the UK Independence Party. He now has a raft of policies that he may implement if he ever gets re-elected.


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Clueless Cameron is looking for non-policies to announce as maybe policies in the hope of wooing some voters. The list of maybe policies is getting longer by the day.

He MAY hold a referendum on EU membership but not for at least four years or when hell freezes over, which ever comes last.

He MAY suspend membership of the Convention for Human Rights and expel any terrorists who have come to Britain from other countries.

He MAY postpone plans to rob pensioners until 2016.

He MAY dance naked on Parliament Green.

He MAY fix the economy that Labour wrecked.

He MAY resign and force a General Election before 2015.

He MAY listen to voters.

He MAY join a coalition with any Party prepared to offer him a deal.

He MAY renegotiate British EU Membership.

He MAY confiscate all assets owned by pensioners above £4,000.

He MAY confiscate all personal bank savings in exchange for RBS shares.

Then again he MAY NOT. Anyone who reneges on a ‘cast iron promise’ is not going to worry about implementing maybe policies.

Vote for him in the Local Government Elections and see how fast maybe policies become may not policies. Once he has your vote he really won’t care.

The LibDems and Labour are studiously avoiding offering any policies.

The Conservatives have turned their attack dogs lose on UKIP and come up largely empty. It seems that the intensive search for dirt on UKIP candidates has done more to highlight how the Conservatives, LibDems and Labour are the corrupt Parties, home to fruit cakes, weirdoes and closet racists.

Don’t split the Ukip vote by wasting a vote on any of the three old failed Parties.

Dan X

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