What President Trump will do today

Welcome back to the 2020 campaign trail! President Trump will be in Arizona today.

Donald Trump is headed to Arizona on Tuesday, his second stop since resuming campaign events. The president will start his trip in Yuma, where he’ll receive a briefing on border wall construction and take part in a roundtable discussion with local leaders and community members on border security.” (KTAR News)

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The 2020 election seems to have (finally) gotten underway. President Trump held his first rally this past weekend in Oklahoma.


Today, he’s in Arizona, where he’ll tour border wall construction and then join the Students for Trump Convention in Phoenix. His speech is scheduled at 3:40pm local time, which is 6:40pm Eastern.


For his campaign, Joe Biden will host a virtual fundraiser with President Obama tonight.

The Free Beacon wrote it best: “Decision day for civil war between far left and establishment.”

Establishment-backed Democrats in Kentucky and New York are facing a left-wing backlash that could see millions of dollars go to waste and threaten party unity in the run-up to the 2020 election.” (Washington Free Beacon)

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Don’t expect to see this covered by the mainstream media … but it’s important for you to know!


Today marks the showdown between the progressive and “establishment” wings of the Democratic Party — and the future of the Democratic Party (and party unity for the 2020 election!) is at stake.


Here are the races to watch…


In New York — It’s the establishment vs. the progressives in the primary for Rep. Eliot Engel’s seat. Engel is chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and he’s been in Congress since 1989. But opponent Jamaal Bowman wants to change that.


Engel has endorsements from Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, while Bowman received endorsements from Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and even the New York Times.


In Kentucky — State Rep. Charles Booker has a “strong chance” of beating Amy McGrath in the Democratic primary. McGrath has spent more than $20 million in the race, and she earned the endorsement of Elizabeth Warren last summer.


But just this month, Warren swapped her endorsement from McGrath to Booker, as Booker also picked up endorsements from Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), as the Washington Free Beacon reported.


In both states, it’s the Establishment vs. the Progressives … and the outcome of these primaries could determine the direction of the Democratic Party.

But don’t expect to see the results from New York and Kentucky tonight.

“A surge in absentee and mail-in voting in Tuesday’s primaries in Kentucky and New York could leave several key primary races undecided for days or even weeks.” (The Hill)

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Due to increased absentee voting due to COVID-19, election officials are expecting results could take days or weeks to finalize.


That’s partially due to deadlines. As The Hill reported, mail-in ballots in Kentucky may be received up to four days after the primaries (but postmarked today) and in New York, mail-in ballots may be received up to seven days after the primaries (but, again, postmarked today).

Michigan is out and Miami is in for Trump-Biden presidential debates.

“The New York Times first reported Monday night that the debate would be held in Miami after the University of Michigan withdrew as the host over concerns about hosting throngs of reporters, campaign staff and event attendees from around the world during the coronavirus pandemic.” (Tampa Bay Times)

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The University of Michigan was scheduled to host the October 15 debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. But this week, the school announced it would step back as host due to concerns about COVID-19.


Nearly instantaneously (or so it seemed to us), Miami was announced as the new debate host. President Trump and Biden will now meet on October 15 at a county-owned arts facility.


The first debate is on September 29 at Notre Dame.