What you need to know: Georgia runoffs & recount

It is insane that America’s future hinges on two Senate seats – that the future of the republic depends on just two Senate seats is mindboggling.

And, unfortunately, they are two Senate seats from a state we’ve just seen completely compromised by election fraud.


Let me back and up give you an update about the status of the Presidential election in Georgia. President Trump’s team has now requested a recount, and while it will be the same kind of a sham recount as before, it’s part of a process his team must exhaust as part of their actions. I am working 18-20-hour days in a volunteer capacity, alongside other volunteers, to keep at it, hacking away at the election fraud issue. I want you to know that Georgians are doing everything we can to keep fighting for the President, and we are volunteering nearly around the clock to do this.


However, the rest of our support team is focused on the Georgia Senate runoffs because if we lose these Senate seats, you know what the Democrats will do. If Biden eventually is chosen by the Electoral College and assumes the Presidency, a Democrat-controlled Senate will eliminate the filibuster for legislation, pack the courts (all of the courts, not just the Supreme Court), and give statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., thereby giving Democrats four new Senate seats, and likely a near-permanent majority in the Senate.


If President Trump is selected by the Electoral College, but the Senate goes Democrat, the Democrat House will impeach again, and a Democrat Senate will convict.


For reasons unknown right now, the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia allowed Stacey Abrams to take control of the elections in Georgia over the last two years. This is something we only now know because of the Presidential election mess. However, we have to face the reality that she and the rest of the Democrats may be able to steal these two Senate seats – if we don’t act immediately.


This is why I need your help for our Get Out The Vote actions to support Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.


Let me just repeat: We cannot lose these seats. I have a lot of volunteers from all over the country who want to help Get Out the Vote for Perdue and Loeffler. I just need your help to supply them with the necessary resources.


Can you chip in $25, $50, or $100 today?


Georgia is already mailing out absentee ballots. We have no time to waste, and we must get every single legal vote we can, because as of right now, we may have to overcome tens of thousands of illegal ballots.


Thank you for all you do; I know you are as concerned as I am for the future of our beloved America, and I know that however you choose to help, we wouldn’t be able to make a difference without you.


For America,


Jenny Beth Martin