What’s the most important reason to re-elect Trump?


Are you shocked in any way that the Obama administration went to such lengths to destroy the incoming Trump administration? I’m not. After all, under his watch, the IRS also targeted tea partiers all across the country a few years earlier.




However, even though I’m not surprised, I am disgusted. But what concerns me the most right now is whether or not the people involved in Obamagate will be held accountable. The only way there’s a chance of consequences for these traitors is if President Trump wins in November, and President Trump can’t win without you.


Coronavirus and the state lockdowns haven’t just affected restaurants and nail salons. They’ve also affected grassroots organizations like ours. Which, in turn, is having a very real effect on our Get Out The Vote program. Our goal is to send one million postcards to Trump voters in critical states, and while we are printing the first batch of 150,000, that means we have 850,000 more to go.


An even more critical need right now is postage. One local group in California is getting 25,000 postcards for their members to fill out and sign, and the postage for their postcards will run $8,750. I need your help to fund the postage to send those handwritten messages to real Trump voters that must turn out again to vote for him this fall.


Grassroots means you and millions of your fellow patriots come together to do big things that none of us could do on our own. That’s why a gift of $100, $50, $25, or whatever you are able to give will make all the difference in this election! Your gift will combine with gifts from other patriots, and we will reach those critical, must-get voters.


I know that there are million reasons to want President Trump re-elected, but one of the most important ones – a reason that will determine whether we are the land of the free or just another corrupt third world kind of country – is if we are able to hold the criminals in our government accountable.


Please join me in making sure that President Trump wins on election day, which is step #1 in the process of holding these crooks accountable for their crimes against you, me, and our beloved country.

God Bless America,


Jenny Beth Martin