Where do you stand?


Do you have five minutes?



If so, we hope you’ll take some time to click here and take a quick, anonymous survey about your political beliefs and your purchasing habits.

You see, as we’ve told you recently, Tea Party Patriots has partnered with Eos Mobile, a cell phone company founded by conservatives, for conservatives.

And in an effort to better serve you, Eos Mobile wants to know more about you.

Just click here to make your voice heard now.

Your answers on this brief survey will be used by Eos to form a more complete picture of Tea Party supporters today, which will help Eos more effectively tailor their efforts to support our movement.

In other words, by taking this quick survey, you won’t just be helping Eos Mobile; you’ll be helping Tea Party Patriots, as well!

Just click here to complete this quick questionnaire.

Eos Mobile is a true friend and partner to Tea Party conservatives like us. These fine patriots have pledged to give up to 3 percent of their customers’ monthly bills to support the work of Tea Party Patriots.

To learn more about this unique partnership, or to switch to Eos Mobile, just click here.

But no matter what, we hope you’ll take five minutes to complete this brief survey today.

Thank you so much for your help!

For Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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