Who will expose the truth if Biden wins?

I don’t think you’re too surprised to find out that the corrupt and false case against Michael Flynn goes all the way to Barack Obama and Joe Biden as was revealed this week with the disclosure of Peter Strzok’s handwritten notes.




It’s now crystal clear that the illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral actions taken by Obama administration holdovers and the Deep State against President Trump were all about covering up their crimes against then-candidate Trump, as well as ongoing misdeeds against now-President Trump.


You and I must understand that the entire Democrat Party machine – and this includes the media, tech giants and other corporations, Hollywood, professional sports, and education – is in overdrive to ensure that Joe Biden wins in November, so that the rest of Obama’s nefarious crimes can be erased and no one will ever be held accountable.


If you want all the good that will come with another four years of President Trump, and if you want to ensure that we have four more years to uncover the rest of the truth about the biggest scandal in our nation’s history, then I need your help to get President Trump re-elected.


Help me help President Trump. Our volunteers are working every day to write and send postcards to the people who came out to vote for Donald Trump in 2016, and who hadn’t voted in years or who hadn’t ever voted. If these people do not come out to vote for Trump again, he will lose.


A gift from you of $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can give, will make a huge difference in how many postcards I can get printed, how many postcards can get mailed, and how many volunteers I can recruit. I outlined the list of who we are up against above. What does our side have? You. Me. Millions of Americans who love this country, love our founding ideals and documents and principles, and who are itching to defeat the radical, Marxist left that has taken over the Democrat Party.


Don’t let Democrats cover up the crimes they committed against our country. Help me get President Trump and other America-loving patriots re-elected. We can’t let the radical left win; we just cannot.

Proud to stand with you,


Jenny Beth Martin