Will History Be Made Today?

Is Today The Day For Bottler Brown?

Well yes, an historic day because the crew of Discovery begin their first full day in space, their three female crew members and the female crew member aboard the ISS have made it the greatest number of female astronauts in space at the same time and in the same place, but a much trailed event that should be taking place today – might not.

The much trailed event for the day may not take place. Bottler Brown is due to make history, being the first non elected Scottish Prime Minister ever to seek an audience with HM The Queen, to ask permission to dissolve a British Parliament.

On past record, Bottler Brown could still bottle it. We will only know for sure once the audience has taken place and the result is announced.

Bottler could cling to power for a few more days because all he needs to do is seek an audience four weeks before the last possible date for a dissolution which is in June. He must be praying today for some act of terrorism that could justify the suspension of the Constitution and the establishment of marshal law.

With each day he clings to power the British economy is further damaged as he desperately spreads money in the Labour heartlands, hoping for a few more votes at any cost to the British taxpayer.


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