will you blaze a bold path with me?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for your support to publicly support President Trump’s response to Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous and public accusations that he was involved in a cover up of some sort. He walked into their meeting and told them the meeting was canceled, walked out, and held a press conference in the Rose Garden so that he could speak directly with the American people.


I’m writing today to let you know that thanks to your support, Tea Party Patriots Action has been able to consistently and publicly support our President and his efforts to secure the border, grow the economy, bring jobs back, defend America, and put Americans first. Below is just a partial list of the actions and policies that we have been able to support President Trump on because of your help.

  • President Trump’s tariff threat against Mexico, forcing them to finally act against the illegal immigrant caravans. We were one of the only conservative groups to support him on this because we trusted his judgement – and we were right to trust him.
  • President Trump’s immigration proposal that he unveiled in May. I have attend at least half a dozen meetings at the White House in recent months on the immigration crisis.
  • The partial government shut down in January to get more border security funding.
  • The effort to expose the truth about the Russia hoax and fake news.
  • President Trump’s state of the union messaging, including organizing the Stop Socialism Choose Freedom rallies, and now we are creating the in-depth “Reach Them and Teach Them” materials to educate other Americans about the dangers of socialism.
  • President Trump’s America First agenda
  • President Trump’s efforts through multiple and frequent social media posts. I’ve included a couple of the most recent social media posts that we created to show support for President Trump.

With your continued support of $25 or $50, we can blaze a bold path of support for President Trump, even when others won’t, and even when the tech giants try to censor us.


It’s more important than ever to show that the regular American people are united behind President Trump, and that we aren’t afraid to emphatically say so – publicly. Join me in leading the charge to help President Trump keep America great!

For America,


Jenny Beth Martin