Will you fight for a tax cut?

President Trump just released his pro-middle class, pro-jobs tax reform proposal, so Republicans in Congress have another chance to fulfill a key promise from last year’s campaign.


President Trump wants to “drain the swamp” with this reform proposal by simplifying the tax code, so you know the corporate lobbyists in DC are already spending heavily to stop this tax cutting plan before it gains any traction with lawmakers.

You can help President Trump cut taxes and ignite economic growth by making your donation of $15, $30, or $50 to Tea Party Patriots ASAP.

You, me, and Tea Party activists nationwide must put tremendous pressure on the politicians to ACT on this urgent issue and give relief to small businesses and families.

The president’s plan will:

    • –    Cut taxes on small business owners and corporations while making it easier for companies to bring jobs back from overseas – a much-needed shot in the arm for America’s economy and our workers!


    • –    Flatten the tax code from seven brackets to three, easing compliance burdens for families;


    • –    Completely eliminate the job-killing and unfair Death Tax;


  • –    Slash taxes by $5.8 trillion!

You already know that the current, outdated tax code is harming our economy. It’s like a 75,000-page, job-killing albatross, suffocating job growth and putting outrageous compliance burdens on working families.

We cannot allow the politicians to drag their feet on this, so please give now to support Tea Party Patriots as we fight for the Trump Tax Cut every day until the job is done.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

Tea Party Patriots

P.S.  Congress keeps letting him down, but President Trump keeps fighting for the America First policies he campaigned on. Tea Party Patriots is lining up with the president as we push Congress to vote “YES” on his tax reform proposal, which would create jobs, cut taxes, and simplify the tax code.

Please add your voice to our Tea Party call for tax reform NOW!