Wind turbine carbon footprint to be recalculated

burning wind turbine

The carbon and pollution footprint of wind turbines is to be recalculated.


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The original carbon footprint and pollution calculations showed that wind turbines had a self canceling carbon output and pollution factor, based on the claimed power generation capabilities. Experience with the large scale wind farm construction in Britain and in British waters has shown that this original calculation was flawed because it over estimated the power generation by more than 600%. Further disquieting news has recently emerged following the destruction of wind turbines during high winds. This has led to a further reduction in power generation because turbines will now have to be shut down on windy days to avoid the dangers of blade loss and explosion. New calculations will be required to include the pollution caused by the products of combustion directly generated during turbines fires and indirectly from heath and woodland fires that can be expected when burning debris falls to the ground.

Minister for the perversion of justice and wind turbines, Hume, is expected to announce new taxes to pay for more turbines in an attempt to achieve the original power generation targets and to provide increase fire fighting coverage for land-based wind farms.

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