Winners and Losers in the New Cold War


Czar Vladimir thought he could engineer a conflict in Georgia and just roll in to annex the country, prior to destabilizing the Ukraine, Rumania and Poland. He assumed the world would react too slowly and that he would be in full control by the time the UN even thought of asking him to withdraw.

This is one occasion where the news media have proved beneficial to democracy. We now know that Russian Special Forces had been redeployed from the Chetchen theatre, where they have been very effective at ethnic cleansing, and positioned ready to move into Georgia as soon as an incident could be engineered to provide an excuse. TV journalists have secured footage of Russian Special Forces dressed in Georgian uniforms and footage of Russian armoured columns traveling through Georgia with South Ossetian militia. This is raising questions about who may have been responsible for killings inside South Ossetia. It is entirely possible that Russian troops dressed as Georgian soldiers are responsible for many of the deaths, particularly of the ethnic killings of Georgians living in South Ossetia. It is now beyond question that Russian and Ossetian militias have been responsible for killings, rapes and the theft and destruction of property within Georgia.

The initial US response of flying in humanitarian aid was the only practical first step. This process has further demonstrated the ruthless and lawless actions of Russian troops who have been attempting to destroy this aid.

What initially appeared a humiliation of the United States by Russia is now developing rapidly in a way that may end up with Russia as the real loser.

Poland moved quickly to agree to the positioning of anti-missile systems on its territory by the US. This decision was prompted by the Russian attempts to annex Georgia and is the first significant loss suffered by Russia. Without the illegal Russian act, the Polish Government might not have agreed to host the anti-missile system.

Although the Russian intent was to destabilize former WarPac countries that were queuing up to joint NATO, and then attempt to annex them, the effect appears to be a speeding up of the NATO expansion with Germany and France now accepting that they can no longer obstruct the process as part of their previous efforts to destroy NATO and replace it with an EUSSR military force. Czar Vladimir will find an enlarged US-led NATO military a greatly superior opponent to a grandiose Franco-German led European Armed Forces.

It may prove that Czar Vladimir made a serious miscalculation that will see him as the ultimate loser.

The Blair Brown Regime may struggle on for months yet, but the battle for survival between “Bottler” Brown and his Foreign Secretary Miliband has resulted in no clear actions by Britain, but British Conservative Leader David Cameron has already been invited to Georgia and had pledged his full backing for Georgia. Although Cameron may not have the chance to thrash the Blair Brown regime for at least a year, his firm commitment places great pressure on the Blair Brown national socialists. “Bottler” may not yet have received an invitation from Georgia to visit, but Miliband has invited himself and is due to visit during the next few days. During a visit he would have difficulty in promising less than Cameron’s commitment. This would then place “Bottler” in a position where he would have to endorse or better any pledges given by Miliband.

In the meantime the Russians have announced their withdrawl several times while their forces continue to destroy Georgian roads and bridges. A Russian General has now claimed that it will take him a long time to begin wthdrawing troops, potentially handing a major propaganda opportunity to Georgia.

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