Write to your MP to reject vaccine passports

Thank you for being a signatory of the Together Declaration!

We are fast approaching 90,000 signatures, which is excellent but we need to achieve far more to demonstrate to parliament that the people of the United Kingdom reject vaccine passports.

For everyone that wants to get back to living life normally together, we know that we need MPs to hear our voices.


So we have created a letter that you can send to your Local MP; it’s very simple and all taken care of on the website – quick and easy for you to send – and we are asking everyone to share the Letter to your Local MP


When MPs know that constituents are passionate about an issue and hear from them, it makes a big impact – because they are concerned about being out of a job!


The letter asks them to explain if they will be voting against Vaccine Passports and to respond.


It helps even more if you decide to request to see them face to face to discuss this issue.


Please take a moment to go to the page and share the letter with your MP which is quick and easy to do here:




Please help us share the Together Declaration


Please help us to share the Together Declaration widely and encourage others to sign. If everyone can encourage 3-5 friends to sign the Together Declaration, we will quickly have numbers that are impossible to ignore.


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