Yates of the Yard wants Met Police upgunned

The New Met Squad car?

Assistant Commissioner Yates of London’s Met Police wants the Met to be upgunned. Probably bad news for Brazilian electricians.

Yates of the Yard, best known for heading up a series of celebrity cases that failed, has called for Met Police to be issued with real guns to deal with terrorism. Apparently he considered 5.56 mm machine pistols, sniper rifles and Glock 9mm handguns too puny for the Met Police death squads. He may have been misquoted but it appears that he wants heavy support weapons and armour. However, there is no incident that in recent history where heavy weapons in police hands would have aided the situation. One can only imagine what carnage Cressida Dick could have wrought had she been given tanks and field guns to tackle a lone Brazilian electrician on his way to work by Tube train.


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