You Don’t Have To Be Taxed To Care


Roz Savage at sea during her successful attempt to row solo across the Atlantic

The Global Warmers and the greedy politicians are conspiring to tax us till the pips squeak in the name of Saving The Planet. It easy to think that you have to be a crank or a masochist to care about the environment.

Roz Savage is being green without being taxed into it, or joining the fundamentalist Church of Global Warming. It can be fun not to pollute and it can make economic sense if you do it in moderation.

During her voyage, Roz will be relying on muscle power to propel her vessel and taking every step to avoid using electrical power other for essential communications and navigation tasks.

You can learn more about Roz the Rower from a PDF news document that can be downloaded from To download, visit Broadly Boats and open an account as a registered reader which provides a number of free privileges, including the ability to download documents from the Downloads Section at Broadly Boats, and its all free, including registration.

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