You’re not fully human

There are day-to-day effects from the tyranny under which we are currently living, but there are also more foundational issues we must understand, so that you and I are able to fight for basic human rights and dignity.

American Mind has an article that discusses the problems that threaten our very humanity. The article, by Tara Thieke, is titled, “Domelife,” and the subtitle is profound: “Sterile subhumanity is our lot under the theocracy of disease.”1


Below are two short excerpts from the article that I think are so important for you to read:


The media describes these malcontents as bleach injectors and swallowers of horse deworming formula, but their real sin is the refusal to defer to High Modernity-approved experts. Whether we are fighting a war against global terror, racism, viruses, or white supremacy, the target is the same: grow the surveillance state, gather data, build an apparatus of global security and control, and wear down objections to the hegemony of the Dome. In the name of safety, be it from terrorists or microbes, no one will be allowed to opt out.


It is reasonable to ask if technocracy has become our established religion when people who disagree are not merely wrong but evil, dangerous, garbage humans, etc. It is reasonable to ask why questions are not only labeled “misinformation” but suppressed. If this is a religion, if the CDC model of health is the established faith of the land, then what are the rights of people who hold to a different medical-religious framework? Are people who perhaps accept two sacramental jabs, but reject the booster shots, to be like Old Believers murdered for their faith?


Leftism has become a religion. Leftists are fundamentalists regarding their religion, and their religion requires totalitarianism to grow and thrive. It is a religion not based on the Judeo-Christian tenets that built America and made our country the beacon of light and freedom to the world. They are instead based on nothing but power, and there is no limiting principle in their pursuit of that power.


The Left doesn’t just want you to pay higher taxes. They want to change what it means to be human, and therefore who gets to be considered human and deserving of the natural rights that come with being human.


I want you to know that Tea Party Patriots Action is not just fighting against the day-to-day tyranny. Thanks to supporters like you, we are able to also fight against the Left’s efforts to redefine humanity.


You are a critical piece of this fight. We cannot do it without you and every patriot who believes the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, made in the image of God and deserving of the natural, unalienable rights endowed by our Creator.


Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. Notice that these are the three areas that the Left’s religion seeks to snuff out.


If you agree that our fight is not just about day-to-day policies, but that it is also a foundational, moral – spiritual! – fight, please consider supporting the work we are doing with a gift of $25, $50, or $100.


The Left is awash in hundreds of millions of dollars from those who will benefit from redefining some people as subhuman. We are only able to meet them on the battlefield with your support, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do to fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Honored to fight alongside you,


Jenny Beth Martin