you’ve got to read what she said…

Last Thursday, we held a telephone townhall with activists and supporters from all across the nation, and I was reminded, yet again, that because of you, our country still has a fighting chance.

I want to share one comment in particular, from a woman from Indiana named Cathy, who is so grateful for the resources that, thanks to you, Tea Party Patriots Action has been able to provide over the years.

“I’m just calling to give a testimonial to the listeners about the value of the toolkit that the Tea Party Patriots puts out with your donation. I’m a local coordinator in a heavily Democrat area. And over the last six years, we’ve done eight sign-waving rallies, at least seven congressional office visits, we’ve put out press releases, and we’ve had media coverage of some of our events. None of that would have happened if we wouldn’t have had the know-how that we got from the Tea Party toolkit. We certainly would be active but not nearly as effective. And with the 2020 election coming up, those toolkits are just so important to us local coordinators, because they really do walk us through things we really don’t know how to do on our own. And it makes us look better and more effective when we do them. So, just to let you know, if you donate, your donation is a force multiplier for us smaller tea party groups that rely on the help we get from the Tea Party Patriots. Thank you all, and God bless you.”

A “force multiplier.” Cathy is so right about this, and it’s why I wanted you to read her comment. Every dollar that you donate to Tea Party Patriots Action is multiplied through our activists’ work around the country.


When you support our work to create and share a how-to guide (or “toolkit,” as Cathy referred to it – her favorite resource that we’ve provided over the years), your donation doesn’t just stop with the creation of the guide.


Rather, the guide goes to Cathy and thousands of other patriots who then send it to their friends, who send it to their friends, and on down the line. And they use the information within the guides to act and make a difference. One guide, thousands and even tens of thousands of actions – you make that possible.


Tea Party Patriots Action is one of the largest conservative grassroots organizations in the United States, and we have an army of patriots who stand ready and willing to answer the call, who are – importantly – properly trained and equipped because of your support. That’s huge, and I believe it is why we will ultimately win this war against the radical left.

Thanks to you.


With deep gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin