11 Days left and we are still short

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The year’s end is rapidly approaching, and we are still a long way from our December 31st goal of 1,000 new First Brigade members.



Please help us hit this vitally important goal! Click here right away to make your monthly commitment of $10, $15, $25, $50, or more to the Tea Party Patriots First Brigade, and let us know you’re “all in” for 2014!


As I’m sure you know, 2014 is going to be the biggest year yet for our movement.


The battle over government spending rages on. The amnesty fight will reignite in a matter of weeks. And of course, the effort to stop
Obamacare is nowhere close to finished.


In other words, we’ve got our work cut out for us next year.


That’s why my finance team has told me we must add 1,000 new members to our monthly support network by December 31st…


… and why I’m asking you to become one of them right now.


Please, click here to join the First Brigade right away. All it takes is a monthly commitment of $10 or more.


We just launched our new grassroots Rapid Response Team, we will be unveiling a highly functional new website in the coming weeks. And we have many more groundbreaking initiatives in the works.

Meanwhile, we must contend with the big government D.C. “ruling class” as they try to thwart our every move.


All of this is going to cost a significant amount of money, which is why we must build a sustained, dependable source of funding for the coming year.


So please, help us do that today. Join the First Brigade with your most generous commitment right now.


Like any family or small business (and unlike the federal government!) Tea Party Patriots has to make a budget every year — and stick to it.


Being able to count on a steady stream of funding is absolutely essential to planning for the grassroots initiatives that will preserve our freedom

and prosperity for generations to come.


The First Brigade makes that possible, while enabling us to avoid unforeseen funding shortages that could disastrously delay or even shut down our important work.

In other words, the First Brigade will be the key to success for the Tea Party movement in 2014.


But its success depends on grassroots support – and that’s where you come in.


My friend, we must be prepared to go all the way in 2014.


We must be prepared to provide the training, resources, transportation, and coordination that our activists will need to defend freedom all across America.


Thousands of activists are counting on us from coast to coast. And with your help, Tea Party Patriots will be there to answer the call.

Please, make your most generous commitment to the First Brigade right now and help us hit our year-end goal of 1,000 new members.


Thank you so much for your steadfast support. May God bless the Tea Party movement!


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For Liberty,


Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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