The great ID Scandal


Hiding the attack on civil liberty, or just staggering incompetence?

As the Blair regime presses forward with its plans for a high technology police state, the stage is set for a series of costly court battles.

Government lawyers are this week starting a very costly fight to prevent the Information Commissioner releasing documents that the Blair regime dare not allow into the public domain with local government elections in 2007 and a General Election due at some point in the next two years.

The first battle is over the release of the Gateway review of the Internal and External Passport systems. Believed to be highly critical of the planning and preparation for a system that could work, the review was carried out by consultants hired by the Blair regime.

The battle over the Gateway review is critical to the Blair regime not only in hiding their real plans from the electors, but because it would create a precedent for Public Information demands to view other Gateway reviews into the large number of seriously defective and very costly information systems that are designed to form the Great Index that would provide control over the population.

Civil Liberty campaigners have hailed the determination of the Information Commissioner in standing up to intimidation from the Blair regime. Other interests watching the process believe that the real motivation for the Blair regime to use public funds to pay for costly legal action is the knowledge that gateway reviews will demonstrate a level of incompetence and fiscal profligacy beyond even the sorry established track record for the Blair regime


An Inconvenient Truth – Global Warming Backlash


Targeting the fundamentalist Church of Global Warming

There are growing signs of a backlash against the fundamentalist Church of Global Warming.

The number of scientists stepping forward to publicly question the basic beliefs of Global Warmers is growing. Interestingly, some of these scientists have been listed by the United Nations as supporting the beliefs of Global Warmers.


Global Warmers hate heritics who are simply people who wont blindly accept the new religion

It may not be long before politicians find it more convenient to recant their current Global Warming beliefs and join the growing band of heretics who call for a reasoned debate, based on facts rather than propaganda.

This is a very complex subject and far too serious to be distorted by propaganda.


Propaganda is a serious risk to our health

The news media and broadcasters have thus far painted a very false picture, loosely based around a few facts. The popular perception, created by the propaganda is that all temperatures are rising at an increasing rate, at every point on the planet, and at every level of the atmosphere.

A growing number of scientists are now pointing out that this is inaccurate. They state that surface temperatures in many parts of the world are rising and have been rising for several hundred years. However, they point out that sampling of atmospheric temperatures, at various altitudes, show little or no sign of increasing and some indication that temperatures are falling.


Weather balloon data questions fundamental claims

If these respected scientists are correct in their assertions, the fundamental basis of the Global Warmers’ beliefs, that temperatures are rising due to greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere, is wrong. Upper atmosphere temperature monitoring, together with solar flare trends, appears to more closely support the earlier belief that Global Cooling is taking place and that the Earth is headed for a new Ice Age.


Al Gore, a High Priest of Global Warming

The basis of the propaganda film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, is that there is a direct relationship between global temperature changes and the release of carbon gas into the upper atmosphere. This simple statement does appear to be widely held by scientists. However, these same scientists take this basic theory and come with wildly different conclusions. Failed US Presidential candidate, Al Gore, made the claim in the propaganda film that this relationship proved beyond all doubt that global warming and green house gas combine to destroy all life on the planet.

Scientists who have studied the subject for many years are pointing out that this relationship only proves that carbon levels follow, rather than lead, global temperature changes. Some claim that this proves only that rising temperature encourages carbon gases to boil off and that the rise in carbon is due to the release of carbon stored in the soil and oceans during colder periods. Others claim that the graphs only prove that temperatures and carbon levels fluctuate naturally, over very long cycles of hundreds and thousands of years, in direct response to changes in solar radiation levels. Both groups agree that the graphs do not support another fundamental claim of Global Warmers that temperatures can be reduced, by reducing carbon levels in the atmosphere. They also agree that, as there is clear evidence of temperature and carbon changes stretching back into pre-history, man makes only a very tiny impact, so insignificant that changes in human output of carbon gases will have no measurable effect on changes.

Global Warmers have created a whole new industry. This industry has a vested financial interest in developing its marketing strategies to maximise profits. The result is that some very dishonest claims are being made for simple economic advantage.

One example, from many, is the way in which wind turbines are promoted. The wind is free, and a sustainable resource. Unfortunately, it is seriously unpredictable and some parts of the world experience wind patterns that do not make wind turbines viable. There is strong evidence that the construction of very large wind turbine farms changes wind patterns, in much the same way that the creation of large fields for mechanised farming led to an increase in average wind speeds, with a consequent erosion of soil and reduction in soil fertility.

Most published claims from companies selling wind turbines, or building turbine farms as power generators, grossly distort key figures, such as average wind speeds. A common deliberate failing is to claim a power generation level that can only be sustained at periods of exceptionally high wind speed. When an average for the year is used, the power generation falls significantly. In some cases this makes the difference between a positive gain and a negative gain, where the energy required to build, erect, and maintain the wind turbines and cable infrastructure is greater than the energy produced through power generation by the turbines.

Countries, where large wind turbines have been in operation for a number of years, have identified a range of disadvantages. A common problem has been the threat to birds. Many of the best locations for wind turbines, in terms of average wind speeds and connection to existing distribution infrastructure, have been in the path of bird migration routes. This has resulted both in significant bird death and to changes in migration pattern that have had an adverse effect on the populations of particular species.


Onshore wind farms create a great deal of pollution

Noise pollution from wind turbines is a major issue, one reason why local residents rise up in objection to plans for new wind farms onshore. This is understandable because residents close to existing farms have discovered the hard way that a large wind turbine is not just a threat to visual amenity. Residents find that they suffer sleep disorder and stress, often including mental illness, because of the considerable and continuing noise pollution. Economically, these residents have also found that their homes are no longer attractive to buyers and are now virtually worthless. For these people, their life savings have been lost without any form of compensation. Given these conditions, the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitude is entirely understandable. Of course one attraction of wind farms has been that most wind generators will be located many miles away and they see only advantages. The attraction reduces when a wind farm is erected close to an urban area, or in the situation where taxes have to rise to provide money for compensation and health care of those blighted by onshore wind turbines.


Dave Cameron chasing votes

Dave Cameron, one British politician leaping enthusiastically on a bandwagon he hopes will produce votes, is proposing to fit a wind generator to his London home. It is no surprise that local residents have objected to what they see as a polluting eyesore. Those who back up their emotional reaction with factual research will find that the economics of this type of wind generator do not add up and that any widespread adoption of these yuppie windmills will make matters far worse.


One of the smaller offshore wind farms waiting for the wind

The wind turbine industry has responded to the situation by moving their priorities to building offshore wind farms. This dramatically reduces opposition because the turbines are too far away from housing to present a direct threat to people. It does not reduce the threat to wild life because the coastal regions are frequently the places where wild life has been displaced to by urban development. There will also be an effect on tidal flows and coastal erosion because the turbine masts in large offshore wind farms will be located on sandbanks, or in shallows, where they will encourage a build up of sand and gravel. This will change natural beach nourishment patterns and lead to changes in coastal erosion patterns.

The economics of offshore wind farms is even more marginal than for many onshore farms. The obvious extra cost is introduced by the need to provide additional distribution cabling and to employ waterproof cables that run on the seabed to shore. However, this is really a minor part of the extra cost. Building offshore can prove to be horribly expensive because of the need to move materials to site in hostile conditions by boat. This problem continues through the life of the wind farm because all maintenance personnel must be taken out by boat and will be unable to make the trip during storms, when damage is most likely.

The final point about wind farms that is never mentioned in the marketing communications of supply and generation companies is the threat offshore farms pose to shipping and boats of any size. The British Government has funded QinetiQ, a leading defence research organization, to look at ways that stealth technology can be employed in the design and production of turbine blades. This is considered essential because of the radar pollution generated by offshore wind farms.


Costly military stealth technology is one approach to reducing pollution from wind turbines

This pollution has the potential to increase marine disasters. Should this involve the collision of fully laden oil tankers, the subsequent ecological disaster could cancel out any benefits produced by offshore wind farms in the marine region for years.

When all of these inconvenient facts are taken into consideration, the only conclusion is that there must be less propaganda and more research before we end up creating a far worse problem through wilful ignorance by Global Warmers. There is now a very real danger that the backlash against the Global Warming Extremists will result in real problems not being dealt with.

In Search of a Legacy


Tony Blair, AKA Phony B Liar, Prime Minister Emeritus

The Blair regime has unveiled a radical plan for reducing carbon emissions in Britain. It all seems to have much more to do with a search for a Blair Legacy, than any search for a solution to a possible problem.

Blair should not worry about his legacy because this is now very well established. If he is remembered at all in a few years time, it will be as Britain’s greatest deforming Prime Minister, a man who ruthlessly searched for anything that worked well, and then fixed it. His regime has managed, with great brilliance, to display unrivalled incompetence in everything it has ever touched. He may yet stand trial on corruption charges, or for attempting to pervert the course of justice, and he may yet stand trial for war crimes, but those are only two elements of a much richer history of incompetence.

The new proposals have the merit, from the Blair viewpoint, that they are eye catching, unnecessary, unrealistic, and a policy that Blair will not be responsible for introducing. The stated claim that carbon emissions will be subject to Five Year Plan targets and reduce by 60% before the middle of the 21st Century can be achieved by wrecking the British economy.


Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister-in-Waiting

The Blair camp and the Scottish Prime Minister-in-Waiting, Gordon Brown, say that these proposals will send a message to the international community – they are less precise about what that message will be.

The fundamentalist Church of Global Warming has been quick to condemn these proposals as “too little, too late”. Seems that however stupid a politician is in adopting extreme and unnecessary policies, it will never satisfy the Global Warmers.


Yesterday’s Men?


Gordon Brown – Scottish Prime Minister-in-Waiting

Gordon Brown is attempting to set out his credentials as a green-friendly Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting. He has taken the opportunity to repeat a long list of Blair regime promises that have never been delivered and to claim that he does not intend taxing pollution. That’s strange as he has been responsible for a host of stealth taxes that have been excused as pollution reduction measures including the tax on holidays that has hit both future travellers and those who had booked air travel before the introduction of the tax. He has been an enthusiastic promoter of the poll-tax-on-wheels which intends to introduce pay-as-you-drive taxes on top of all existing motoring taxes, and requires a hugely expensive satellite-based spy system to enforce charges.


Dave Cameron – The Tosser Within

David Cameron has offered to introduce a raft of new taxes all under the banner of saving the planet. He seems to be engaged in a bidding war with Gordon Brown to introduce the highest possible taxes on British citizens. As part of his Blue Labour manifesto he appears to be trying to move the Tory Party from its traditional position as a low taxation, small government party to a high taxing Big Brother national socialist party to steal New Labour’s colours.


EU Bans Lightbulbs


The European Union has decided to ban filament lightbulbs in favour of low energy lights.

A simple step forward to reducing energy consumption, equivalent, in carbon emissions, to banning motor vehicles – if all the claims for low energy lights are delivered.

As with many global warming claims, the detail is deliberately confusing. At present, a low energy light costs twice as much to purchase as five filament bulbs, to give the same 5,000 hours service. When the EU ban comes into force, competition may well bring down the cost of low energy lights.

Financially, the real saving is in power consumption. an 8 watt low energy light claims to provide similar illumination to a 60 watt filament lightbulb. A single unit of electricity is 1000 watts.

This is also misleading because many users find that they need a larger low energy bulb, but still do not achieve the same level of illumination as the 60 watt bulb. The result is that savings may prove rather lower than claimed, because more low energy lights are used to light a room, and are switched on for longer periods, because of the start-up time when switching on and off, as would be the case with a traditional lightbulb.

An even greater saving can be made by not lighting and air conditioning a building when it is not in use.


Night time infrared image of a coastal city, in red, the black area being the sea

Satellite infrared photographs show that business districts often produce more heat emissions during the period when buildings are empty at night, and at weekends, than they do during the working day when they are in full use.

This can be a case of two risks contending.

Empty buildings are often fully lit, when empty, for crime prevention reasons. External security lighting is normally based on high energy lights.

Risk reduction is also quoted as the reason for extending the areas covered by street lighting and for running street lights during all hours of darkness even if there is little or no traffic.


Solutions to Pollution and Climate Change


An important new book has been published by PEMSEA.

PEMSEA is a co-operative of the nations bordering the Seas of East Asia, under the support of the IMO and the UNDP.

Dr Chua, born in 1940 and due to retire in the next year, has written what is the definitive work on Integrated Coastal Management. It is to be hoped that Dr Chua will continue to make a valuable contribution to the positive work of ICM schemes after his retirement.

His book is a refreshing change from the hysterical outpourings of the fundamentalist global warmers with their prediction that ‘the end is nigh’.

An amazing amount of information is contained in some 430 pages and ICM professionals will find this an essential reference source. However, it has been produced in an excellent format that will appeal to a very much wider audience. The narrative is engaging and very easy to read. The essential detail is contained in boxes, tables and sketches for those who need to see the detailed proofs. The author has included examples of practical solutions to ICM needs which have been employed with success. There are many first class photographs and maps that illustrate the work.

The book concentrates on the situation and challenges that face those living and working in and around the Seas of East Asia, but Dr Chua provides an insight that will be valuable to anyone interested in the sustainable development of coastal areas.

The Seas of East Asia are under many great pressures. It represents the three types of nation. The first group are wealthy and highly developed countries enjoying rapid growth. The second group are those nations that are already moderately wealthy but in the process of dramatic growth of urban populations and industrialization. The third group are populous countries that are still poor. The result is that all three groups of countries are adding to the pressure on the environment and resources, but the poorest countries lack the finance necessary to implement necessary solutions without assistance.


The seas provide both an important source of food and a highway that is seeing a rapid increase in shipping, with all that this entails.

To add to the challenges, piracy is increasing and presenting a special problem because many of the nations in the area lack the naval capacity to adequately police the waters.

What makes this new book particularly valuable is that it is packed with practical solutions and methodologies that work, avoiding the hysterics of doom mongers that have become so fashionable.

Even if the wilder claims of global warmers are based on some fact, they concentrate on forecasts of disaster fifty and hundred years into the future. Those being frightened today into panic reactions will not be alive to see whether or not the claims are accurate. Those who convinced a Medieval Pope to act against charcoal burners were long dead before it was proved that the Black Death had nothing whatever to do with pollution from charcoal burning.

In the meantime there is an urgent need for action today to address the immediate realities of climate change and population growth.

cosmic rays

Significantly, scientists are coming to realize that solar cycles are likely to have much greater impact on climate change than any act of man. Dr Chua points out that average temperatures are now at their highest level for one million years. That means that similar conditions were present long before man had any capacity to influence them.

Our knowledge of solar influence is still developing and what we do not know is how the Earth will react. There is evidence that cycles of climate change coincide with periods of increased volcanic action, earthquakes and tsunami. In the ancient past, earthquakes have triggered tsunami far beyond anything recently experienced. Volcanic activity has blanketed the Earth with ash, blocking out sunlight. This indicates that increasing temperatures may eventually turn to global cooling on a dramatic scale. We just do not know how soon that might happen

Dr Chua’s book will be durable because it addresses, holistically, the symptoms of change and their recognition. What the prime causes may be is almost irrelevant. Change occurs and has to be faced with practical solutions that are affordable and are capable of reliable management. However the global warming debate progresses, his insights will continue to be applicable. In the process, many of the perceived ills of pollution and profligate use of natural resources will be addresses in an achievable manner.


Planned Confusion


The ‘cash for honours’ police investigation into the Blair regime continues to generate media confusion. The latest twists have come with an extraordinary press injunction.

The BBC was prepared to broadcast new allegations but an injunction was placed on it in conditions of secrecy. This created considerable confusion, with newspapers and broadcasters unable to find out how the injunction applied to them, or even what it covered.

Then the Guardian newspaper published and the judge and Attorney General had to accept that the information was in the public domain, freeing the media to publish further allegations and speculation, with denials from the Blair regime and those under investigation.

It is easy to imagine that someone, probably close to the Blair regime, was leaking stories to frustrate the police investigation. It is also easy to believe that there is an attempt to move all blame to Lord ‘cashpoint’ Levy, chief fund raiser for the Blair regime.

The centre of the current leaks is a communication claimed to be from Blair’s ‘gatekeeper’ Ruth Turner. There are claims that this was in the form of an email from Turner. Downing Street has variously claimed that no email existed or, if it did exist, it was never transmitted, or might, or might not, be a paper document.

The police has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the confidentiality of their investigations, firmly denying that they have had any part in any leaks relating to their enquiries.

Downing Street denies that it has been leaking, although it has a long track record of spinning stories by leaking information to trusted journalists.

It may be significant that the original planned leak was through the BBC and that, when this leak was plugged by an injunction, the Blair regime-supporting Guardian newspaper was to publish in apparent defiance of the injunction.

With local government elections due shortly, it looks like the confusion will continue and that the police may not bring charges until after Blair steps down as Prime Minister, which could be after September 2007.