Strasbourg Newsletter May 2007

Legislative Work


Romano Prodi, equivocal European politician persistently rumoured to have been a paid KGB agent

This week we heard about what the European Union has planned for us from Romano Prodi. He was back in Strasbourg, not as Commission President any longer but as Prime Minister of Italy, and he explained his view of the future of Europe.



Nigel Farage, Leader, UK Independence Party

As Nigel Farage told him, it was not a future that all wished to share:


“I wonder whether we really want your style of justice, given that Mario Scaramella, who tried to warn Mr Litvinenko of what was going to happen to him, has now languished in an Italian jail for six months. The charges against him keep changing and he has not actually faced a court. If you are suggesting we give up common law and habeas corpus for that sort of European system, my answer to you is no, thank you very much indeed”.


Later in the week in a speech that was picked up by the BBC Today program he spoke about cutting mobile phone international roaming charges. The Commission has been madly keen to get this regulation through as they see it as a key propaganda win in the lead-up to the ratification of the new Constitution,


However all is not as it seems as Farage pointed out,

“It is not often I find myself in this position, but this morning I have to acknowledge what the European Union is doing. In fact I have come along to say thank you: thank you on behalf of international business. You know the kind – the companies that employ thousands of people who are travelling around Europe the whole time – the ones that make billions in profits. They are going to be big beneficiaries of this. And I want to say thank you on behalf of the super-rich in Europe – not the people that just go to Benidorm for a fortnight, but those that travel regularly. They too will be beneficiaries.


The truth is that this is just a giant publicity stunt, is it not? You want to be loved. You want the EU to be loved, so you are telling people they are going to be better off. Frankly, it smacks of Communist central planning when bureaucrats and politicians think they know what the right market price is. They are always wrong. This will lead to higher costs for domestic consumers. It will lead to less competition and innovation in the market place. It is yet another giant EU folly.


Mobile phones are a massive industry, one in which with Vodaphone we are truly world beaters. What the Commission have succeeded in doing is foisting higher charges, particularly on the pay-as-you-go customer. They will then say that they serve the consumer. Don’t believe a word of it, they are serving only themselves. Yet again UKIP was the only party fighting both for the normal consumer and British industry.



Gerard Batten, UK Independence Party

Gerard Batten had a bumper week, first pointing out the beam in the Parliament’s own eye,

” the resolution talks about the Wolfowitz affair in terms of ‘the World Bank’s failure to live up to the globally shared standards of transparency and democracy’. What utter humbug! Any standards of transparency and democracy in the world are practised on a strictly limited basis, and the European Union hardly sets an example….”


But why had it launched this attack? It appears that the Commission wants

“to have observer status at the Bank and for it to attend and intervene at certain councils. The key phrase here is ‘pending legal personality for the Union’. That legal personality depends on the ratification of the European Constitution that the European Union intends to stuff down the throats of the peoples of Europe whether they want it or not”.


Gerard also got to the nub of two key issues facing all of us in the UK,

“Two completely new and unnecessary laws will soon have an impact on the British people. One is the requirement for a home information pack at a cost of at least £600, without which homeowners will not be able to sell their properties. The other is the reduction of household refuse collections from once a week to once every two weeks. Both these pieces of legislation are a direct result of EU directives. The directives are those on the energy performance of buildings and landfill waste. Weekly household refuse collections were established by law in 1875 to stamp out diseases such as cholera and other epidemics which killed thousands of people. Only the EU could take Britain back to where it was prior to 1875, while requiring the British people to pay through the nose for the privilege. Two more good reasons – if they were needed – why Britain should leave the European Union.”


On yet another report about pushing the Constitution Gerard also spoke

Mr President, this report calls for an EU foreign minister, a common foreign policy, a common EU seat on the UN Security Council and much more and, of course, for the all too predictable full ratification of the rejected European Constitution in order to make it all possible. The parts that amused me the most were those calling for a foreign policy to be decided by qualified majority voting and for national security services to be subject to democratic scrutiny by the European Parliament.


The justification for all this is that this is what the people of Europe want from the European Union. I do not know which people Mr Brok has been speaking to, but they certainly were not British. The idea that they would want to hand over control of their foreign policy, defences and security services to the European Union is laughable. The frightening thing is that Mr Brok is serious.



Jeffrey Titford, UK Independence party

Jeffrey Titford had the opportunity to highlight EU attempts to take over control of the Health Service:

This Regulation… states that there should be ‘a codification of existing case law on the reimbursement of cross-border healthcare’… (This) opens the door for the EU to override national governments and lay down the law on how cross-border healthcare is reimbursed, leading inevitably to how healthcare as a whole is funded and managed. A single healthcare system run by the EU is a nightmare too horrible to contemplate; it should never be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.


Graham Booth, UK Independence Party

Elsewhere Graham Booth spoke on attempts to bully the developing world with trade barriers if they did not act in a way that even the Parliament accepted was impossible.

Other Work


Gary Kasparov, Russian Democrat

The Ind/Dem Group was honoured to host a meeting with Gary Kasparov, former world chess champion and now the leading democracy campaigner in Russia. Though he recognised the similarities between what is happening in Europe and in his own country, he did have a point when he mentioned that things were much worse in Russia today.

BFS Bullet-in-Foot Syndrome?


Dave ‘the-tosser-within’ Cameron, Leader of Blue Labour

Has Dave just shot himself in the foot? or is it a cunning plan for Party domination?

Tony Blair achieved power by persuading a large part of the electorate that they were really voting for someone very different. Proving that ‘you can fool most of the people, most of the time’, he got away with it for ten years.

Dave Cameron may have come up with an equally brilliant plan to persuade people who would have voted for him that he is not the person they really want to vote for.

So what’s it all about?

Seems that Blue Labour will not build any more Grammar Schools if it wins power. Dave has not said he will close the surviving Grammar Schools, or outlaw selection by examination – just that Grammar Schools may have passed their sell-by date.

Big Deal!!

Under the Blair/Brown regime, billions have been poured into education but State Education has been failing. Reality is that most Comprehensive Schools fail miserably, Grammar Schools fail, the private sector is not much better, and Blair/Brown national socialist councils are determined to close schools to produce a unity school system where all children are crammed into faceless Stalinist concrete boxes to sink together.

What is required is for politicians to sit down quietly and come up with a structure that will succeed without engaging in 19th Century Class Warfare

Fat Chance!!

The curse of the education system has been the Blair/Brown determination to force most people to obtain a university degree, however worthless, and run up a large personal debt in the process. Its been made worse by Elf N’ Safety preventing children from taking any kind of risk, the politically correct for rewriting history, the human rights fundamentalists who believe that it is wrong to maintain any form of discipline in schools, the heterophobic who are determined to reassign gender, the pacifists who are determined to prevent children from using any kind of toy weapon, but don’t seem to mind them using real weapons on teachers, the marketing machine that persuades children to demand everything for nothing, the politicians who demonstrate total contempt for truth, honesty, self-control, humility, to name but a few of the ills.


Laurel and Hardy replaced by The Three Stooges?


As the Blair/Brown regime draws to a close it could be the end of the line for the Laurel and Hardy of British politics but it may not be the end to institionalized incompetence. Laurel and Hardy may just have been replaced by the Three Stooges.


Alex Salmon, Prime Minister of Scotland

Interesting times ahead for the Scots as Scottish Parliament elects Alex Salmon as First Minister leading a minority government. This will require a new coalition of support to be built for each part of business at Edinburgh. Salmon cannot expect any help from the Blair/Brown regime in London or their apparacheks in Edinburgh. However, Salmon is looking forward to his first audience with Elizabeth I, Queen of Scots, Head of State in Scotland and also, as Elizabeth II, Head of State for the rest of the United Kingdom.


Gordon Brown, non-elect Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting

Gordon Brown who is looking forward to his coronation as the first non-elected Prime Minister of England is wandering the empty weeks until Phony Blair eventually resigns. He has already said that he is not prepared to accept the will of the Scottish people and will not work with Alex Salmon. He may in any event be too busy bailing water from the sinking ship of state in London.


Tony Blair, war criminal at large

Tony Blair is making the most of his freebie air miles while the British tax payer is still funding his travel as he looks for another job with unlimited expenses. The junket just seems to go on for ever as he clings to office to the last second. Is he going to wander the world in an endless goodbye? Will he move into the accommodation in the Netherlands vacated by Milosovich?


Guide to recent British Elections


Alex Salmond, Scottish Prime Minister

In the elections for the Scottish Parliament, the SNP, led by Alex Salmond won the largest number of seats, ending the half century old Labour fiefdom.

Scotland not only has its own Parliament but has retained its own legal system since the Union of Parliaments in 1707 when Scotland merged with England, Wales and Ireland.

The SNP now have to decide what to do with their mandate because they do not have enough seats to take office without support from other Parties. These Parties are deterred from agreeing a coalition because they object to SNP intentions to hold a referendum on leaving the United Kingdom and the European Union.


Gordon Brown Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting

Gordon Brown was the architect of the devolved Scottish Parliament which was intended to prevent the SNP from expanding and retaining Scotland as a Labour fiefdom. Brown is the big loser and has been keeping a very low profile since the elections. He still hopes to be crowned as Tony Blair’s successor as Prime Minister but the English have little appetite for a Scottish politician who has been rejected by the Scots as Prime Minister in Westminster.


Tony Blair, War Criminal-at-Large

Tony Blair is hoping to pass the mess that he and Brown have created firmly onto Brown and run for the money. It is claimed that he is hoping to leave politics for a highly lucrative book and speaking career that will make him a fortune. The only fly in the ointment is that British Law does not allow criminals to gain from their crimes. If he is prosecuted for a number of crimes in Britain this may allow the State to seize any money from book deals.


Dave (the-tosser-within) Cameron, Leader Blue Labour

David Cameron could be the big winner. Accused of trying to become a Blair clone and subverting the Conservative Party into a Blue Labour Party, Cameron has had a successful set of elections. The question is – has he achieved enough success to take power at the next General Election. If Brown takes over from Blair he is unlikely to seek a new mandate because he looks set for a thrashing by electors. That could give Cameron the time he needs to consolidate his latest successes and develop a lead that will give him a majority of seats in Westminster when the next General Election takes place.


Ming Campbell, Lib Dems

Campbell had a truly terrible set of elections. With the British mood set to punish the Blair regime, the ‘None-of-the-above’ Party is unlikely to prosper. Campbell is being blamed for the bad performance but the Lib Dem dilemma is – Who have they got who could replace him? and Does it really matter when the electorate want a clear change from the disasters of the Blair/Brown regime?

Still confused? After ten years of Britain’s Greatest Deforming Prime Minister, there is such a mess that everyone is confused and politics are so bizarre that they are beyond satire.


New Prophesies From the Church of Global Warming

Diamond Head (1) 8.5

Could be a good time to take up sailing

The latest prophesy of doom is a revision of predictions for the ending of the Arctic ice cap.


Variations in temperature, CO2, and dust from the Vostok ice core over the last 400,000 years

The alternative view is that the ice will continue to melt for a few years and then shut down the Gulf Stream or Atlantic Conveyor which is responsible for keeping the North Sea and the Norwegian coast ice free – in otherwords further ice melt in the Arctic will bring a return of the Ice Age with ice moving South to Spain and the Northern shores of the Mediterranean.

Boeing777-200ERKenya Jeep

Named and Shamed – but is this really the cause of climate change which has continued in cycles over 4.5 billion years?

So there you have it folks – you either fry or freeze – unless you turn off all your electric lights, stop taking jet package holidays, and stop driving carbon fuelled vehicles.

There is another view based on archaeological study. That view suggests that the period of global warming started more than ten thousand years and has continue with period fluctuations since that time.


Should we revise our opinion of Neanderthal Man’s technological skills? Did he have quad bikes and 4 x 4s to hunt the woolly mammoth?

So far archaeologists have failed to uncover Neanderthal SUVs or jet planes. Is this a case of archaeology requiring more funding to enable great activity in the search for these long lost artifacts?

The Church of Global Warming and its Archbishop Al Gore claim that all scientists agree that the world will end unless we change our ways.

Not True

More scientists agree that temperatures are rising than disagree. The witch hunt for dissenters and the disproportionate media coverage of Global Warmers suggest that believers are the overwhelming majority and that dissenters are mad, or stupid, or just bad scientists.

The reality is that of those who believe temperatures will rise, there is a very wide range of views on how far the temperatures will rise and how quickly they will rise. In the same way, dissenters do not hold a single position but represent a range of views on what is currently happening and where climate change is headed next.

All computer modeling suggests that we are many decades away from whichever final disaster the models forecast. Study of historical fact shows that the climate can change very rapidly, not just in a decade or even in a year, but in minutes. Woolly mammoths uncovered from the ice in Northern Russia have been examined and found to have been eating fresh vegetation at the time they were frozen dead in standing positions. Less dramatic change has also been more rapid than decades. Through archaeological history, there have been periods when volcanic activity has changed the climate in a matter of weeks and created the equivalent of a nuclear winter than has lasted for decades, by blotting out sunlight. Astronomers are now suggesting that solar flares strongly affect Earth’s climate. A solar flare happens very quickly and a series of flares could generate a cumulative affect over a matter of weeks or months.

So the bottom line on predictions is that the temperatures could be rising and they could carry on rising at an increasingly rapid rate until civilization is drowned or dried out. Alternatively temperatures could be rising as part of a long term cycle in some parts of the world and in the atmosphere, but will begin falling again naturally at some point in the future. Then there are those who believe that temperatures are about to fall dramatically and we will all freeze to death.

So what is the cause?


Global Warmers claim that whatever the weather, its all down to Global Warming and its all caused by profligate use of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

A band of archaeologists believe that climate is fragile and changes in long cycles that can be seen by examining where and how man has lived in the past and how lands have emerged from the oceans or submerged.

Those studying our solar system and other star systems identify solar flares and orbital variations as a major factor in climatic behaviour.

Those studying volcanic and seismic activity believe that these natural activities have a fundamental effect on climate, sea levels and the pattern of ocean currents. They also believe that the process of tectonic plate movement is not a process that continues at a constant, but is capable of sudden variation of of speed and direction. This has already moved land masses from an equatorial postion to a polar position and may have moved some land masses in the opposite direction.

Those studying the patterns of meteors and asteroids believe that the Earth suffers collisions frequently over the millennia and that periodic major impacts have cause the almost instant destruction of complete species of life on Earth.

So What Can We Do?


Many religions make self-harm an integral part of their belief

The Church of Global Warming is certain they we must engage in self mutilation and flagellation. That follows a long established approach by many earlier religions, believing that man has angered the gods by his actions and the gods have wrought destruction which can only be assuaged by human sacrifice and penance.

If we accept the belief that sea levels will dramatically rise we could move to higher ground or take up boating.

If we accept that a new ice age is coming we could move to closer to the equator, or learn to live on ice.


If we believe the cause of climate change comes from space, we could invest in space travel and go in search of new worlds as generations before have gone forth to explore the Earth in search of improved living conditions.


Arctic sea ice melting three times faster than believed


Nome, Alaska, frozen in for the winter

Thursday 3rd May, 2007

IANS Wednesday 2nd May, 2007

The vast stretch of sea ice in the Arctic, which helps regulate the world’s climate, is shrinking three times faster than previously predicted, according to a new study.

Researchers at the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) said that actual observations, using data from satellites and earlier aircraft and ship voyages, showed ice has melted at a much faster pace over the last 50 years than predicted by current computer models, according to a study published Tuesday.

Those computer models were leaned on when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) earlier this year predicted that Arctic sea ice will disappear completely over the summer months some time between 2050 and 2100, raising the temperature of the world’s oceans with potentially devastating effects on marine life.

The NSIDC research suggests that the IPCC’s timeline is about 30 years too conservative.

The study comes as scientists and government representatives are meeting in Bangkok this week to discuss the third instalment of the IPCC report, which focuses on how to combat global warming.

The NSIDC findings, published Tuesday in a journal of the American Geophysical Union, found that Arctic sea ice cover in September – which has the least amount of ice cover of any month – declined by about 7.8 percent per decade between 1953 and 2006.

That compares to only 2.5 percent predicted on average by computer simulations that looked at the same period. No previous model has given a melting rate of more than 5.4 percent, according to the study.

‘This suggests that current model projections may in fact provide a conservative estimate of future Arctic change, and that the summer Arctic sea ice may disappear considerably earlier than IPCC projections,’ according to Julienne Stroeve, who led the NSIDC study.

The discrepancy could be because the effect of manmade greenhouse gases on ice melting has until now been underrated, according to Stroeve.

Melting ice in the Arctic is a crucial element of global warming. The vast ice mass helps cool the planet by reflecting the sun’s ray back into space throughout the year. Open water absorbs the sunrays instead, raising the temperature of the world’s oceans.