Keeping the Red Flag flying in Brussels

The Franco/German political elite are pre-occupied with the task of smuggling the European Constitution in under new terminology after the Dutch and French electorates soundly rejected the Constitution. The political elite have decided that if the citizens of the member States cannot be relied on to vote the ‘right way’, they simply won’t be given the opportunity to vote.


Boston tea party

This 1846 lithograph has become a classic image of the Boston Tea Party


Nigel Farage, Leader, UK Independence Party

The European Parliament (yet again) took time out to congratulate itself on supporting the defunct European Constitution, this time in the Brok/Crespo Report. Nigel Farage pithily took them to task,

“I am surprised we have the front to call this a debate, because the Minister did not tell us any of the substance of the negotiations. But, of course, there is no debate, is there? There is no debate in the national parliaments, no informed opinion in the press, no debate at all – and why? Because this whole Treaty is being put together in secret and that is because you do not want to involve the citizens of Europe. You are fearful that the more they find out about your grandiose plans, the more likely they are to vote ‘no’.

Worse still is the downright dishonesty with which this whole process is being pursued. For Angela Merkel to talk in a letter about the proposal to use different terminology without changing the legal substance is the stuff of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’. It is the twisting of language. It is the deliberate attempt to stop there being free and fair referendums in European countries. It is your plan to act like a bulldozer: just to sweep aside the French and Dutch referendum results, to pursue your political goals without taking the people with you.

I have no doubt that you think you are going to get away with it, but from a British perspective I have no doubt that Mr Blair, in his last act as the British Prime Minister, will sign up to virtually anything you want him to. But he will be handing to his successor something rather like a hand grenade with the pin pulled out, because the pressure on Gordon Brown to have a referendum on this Treaty in Britain is going to be enormous. In fact, I would go further. I am confident that this Treaty will not become British law without the Brits having a referendum, and when they have that referendum they are going to say ‘No’”.

But if you are proud of your European project, if you are true democrats, then you will join me in the call to let the people decide their own future. Do not foist it upon them.”

The report can be found here:



Gerard Batten, UK Independence Party

The European Constitution is just one part of a raft of legislation that aims to place the people of Europe under the control of unelected Eurocrats. Another piece of enabling legislation is the Treaty of Prum

Gerard Batten, as ever, was on form. Lambasting a European attempt to create a Europe wide surveillance state through the Treaty of Prum,

“The purpose of the Prüm Treaty clearly states that it is to play a pioneering role in the integration of the EU. We all know that talk of combating crime and terrorism is secondary to the real purpose. As a framework decision of the Council, it will become part of the EU body of law, its provisions set in stone and not subject to any real democratic scrutiny or approval. The British Parliament will have no opportunity to prevent the implementation of this Convention, and even this Parliament only has a consultative role.

Britain faces a particular danger. For example, it has the largest DNA database in the world with samples collected from over 4.2 million people, many of whom are entirely innocent and have never been charged with any offence. These people are suspects in waiting. This is the creation of a Big Brother Europe by the back door in pursuit of further political integration.

This legislation poses the greatest threat to Europe since the formation of the German Geheime Staatspolizei which fortunately was not unable to employ some of the technologies that will support the Treaty of Prum.”

The report can be found here:



Jens Peter Bonde, Danish JuneMovement, Chairman European Independence-Democracy group

The European Independence-Democracy group in the European Parliament, Chairman Jens Peter Bonde secured a minor victory by forcing the Parliament’s legal services to drop references to the defunct European Constitution from legislation passing through the chamber. He stated:

“The legal service of the Parliament has said we cannot use a non ratified treaty as a reference in our reports.

This applies to the first and fifth indent of the Baron Crespo/Brok report and I would like you to delete these references if the house should be so unwise not to adopt our alternative resolution which could much easier solve the problem of inadmissibility.

May I also ask you to change all other reports referring to the proposed constitution or the charter of fundamental Rights?”

House of Lords discuss Bill to Review EU Cost Benefits


Lord Pearson of Rannoch, UK Independence Party

Lord Pearson (UKIP) was discussing his bill, supported by Lord Tebbit, Lord Stoddart and several other Lords, MPs and MEPs, that calls on the Government to conduct a cost benefit study on the UK’s membership on the EU.

Lord Pearson can be heard debating with Denis McShane here (2 minutes in)

It may seem incredible but Britain has never conducted a cost benefit analysis of its membership of the EU.

Originally, the British were offered the choice of joining an Economic Community as a Fair Trade Area and British politicians denied that membership of this organization had any political implications and would have no effect on British independence.

Since that referendum on a false prospectus, Britain has progressively lost power to Brussels and is being ruled by an unelected bureaucracy.


Tony Blair, War criminal-at-large

Tony Blair, infamous for a love of any false prospectus, is hoping to secure his place in history as he resigns by agreeing to accept the European Constitution under a different title and making Britain a minor province of the United States of Europe.

Against this background there has been a rising ground swell of British opinion against the European Union.


Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting, non-elect

As the coronation of Gordon Brown as Blair’s successor approaches, he faces a wide range of major problems. One of which will be in deciding how to handle the European hand grenade that Blair is about to toss in his direction.

Lord Pearson’s Bill is a timely initiative because Britain will demand a referendum on EU membership. This campaign should be fought on the basis of hard fact rather than raw emotion. This Bill would provide the hard fact that Brussels has been anxious to conceal.

Galileo in Crisis


The Galileo GPS project always had much more to do with Franco/German politics than with providing a necessary navigation system. It is perhaps not surprising that it has run into the buffers and demands huge injections of taxpayers’ money to avert total cancellation.

The Independence-Democracy group in the European has been a lone voice in warning of problems that have now come to a head. It is a great pity that the other political groups in teh European Parliament and in national Parliaments have been so mute on the subject.


Gerard Batten, UK Independence Party

On Friday, June 8, in an appearances on the Today programme, Gerard Batten, UK Independence Party was talking about the looming disaster that is the EU’s Galileo satellite programme. The private contractors have now all decided that it is not worth the risk so taxpayers are being asked for £1.7 billion to bail it out. The EU has admitted that this system will have military uses, so we are being asked to pay to tie our armed forces more closely with EU forces, threatening our ability to conduct operations with our traditional allies like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

Gerard Batten can be heard here (20 minutes in)

Chancellor Brown “lost in the woods”


Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister-in-waiting, non-elect

IATA (International Air Transport Association) director general and CEO, Giovanni Bisignani, launched an unprecedented attack on British chancellor Gordon Brown as the world’s airlines gathered in Vancouver for the 63rd annual IATA conference.

Addressing 700 delegates Bisignani did not mince his words, as he discussed the environment in a 30-minute hard hitting speech that covered a range of current topics and gave Britain special mention.

“Look at the UK,” he said. “For the environment, Chancellor Brown doubled the Air Passenger Duty and we are paying a billion pounds for his green credentials. He helped the UK budget but what has he done for the environment? He hasn’t planted any trees but he is lost in the woods.”


Bisignani emphasised that the airline industry’s track record is good, reducing aircraft noise output by 75% during the last 30 years and cutting back fuel consumption by 70% during the last four decades.


“My message to presidential candidates, prime ministers-in-waiting and politicians everywhere is simple: we have had enough PR. It’s time to deliver some real results.”


However, he did admit that the airline business was far from perfect when it comes to the environment. “Today, I believe that the industry needs a wake up call,” he told an attentive audience, adding: “Our carbon footprint is growing and that is not politically acceptable.”


Zero emissions is his goal, although he said: “I don’t have all the answers but our industry started with a vision that we could fly. The Wright brothers turned that dream into reality and look where we are now.”

Another Inconvenient Fact


The Church of Global Warming preaches that those who refuse to turn away from carbon abuse will cause hurricanes to destroy the planet

The Church of Global Warming suffered a recent reverse. In their Gospels, they have cited hurricanes of the last few years as being proof of Carbon-induced Global Warming. From those events, they have projected ever more rapid increases in the numbers of hurricanes each year, an extension of the hurricane season and the severity of hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina, which devasted New Orleans in 2005, was seized on as an example of this increasing risk.


Dr Nyberg’s team discovered that Hurricane Katrina was not an exceptional carbon-induced harbinger of global disaster but a return to normal hurricane patterns

Dr Johan Nyberg of the Geological Survey of Sweden led a team of US researchers in constructing a history of sea temperatures and wind patterns during the period from 1730. This is significant because it coves a period before global industrialization and before the introduction of internal combustion engines. It also covers a period before the huge growth in population that has resulted from improved health care, nutrition and relative wealth.

Dr Nyberg’s team has discovered that the period since 1995, when there has been an increase in the numbers of severe hurricanes, is not exceptional but is a return to patterns that were normal in the period from 1730 to the late 1960s. It shows that the period from the late 1960s to 1995 produced an abnormal pattern of greatly reduced hurricane risk and events.

The team speculates that rapid warming of the atmosphere since the 1970s could have damped down hurricane activity and cancelled any effect produced by rising sea temperatures. This speculation may have been intended to deflect the Church of Global Warming from branding them as heritics, but it does raise a further question.

If increases in atmospheric temperatures from the 1970s damped down hurricane activity, does that mean that those temperatures have been falling since the early 1990s to trigger a return to normal since 1995?




London Olympics Committee braced for damages claims from victims of the 2012 logo.

Animated footage promoting the logo for the 2012 London Olympic Games was removed from the organisers’ Web site on Tuesday amid concern it could trigger epileptic fits.

The video clip shows a diver plunging into a pool as part of a campaign to promote the jagged Olympic logo, a graffiti-like blow-up of the number 2012 in a range of colours including hot pink and electric blue.

A London 2012 spokeswoman said the concerns surrounded a four-second piece of animation shown at the logo’s launch on Monday and recorded by broadcasters.

Holiday Sickness


John Prescott, the Rudolf Hess of the Blair/Brown regime

During his farewell holiday on the taxpayer, John Prescott has developed a sickness. Moved to a high dependency ward, is seems he has contracted a lung infection and pneumonia has developed.


Game for a Laugh – Standing in for Nothing


Jack Straw, urgently seeking something

Just when it seemed the Blair/Brown regime couldn’t produce any more unconscious humour!!

Jack Straw has been given the task of standing in for John Prescott who has been taken ill during his last freebie holiday on the taxpayer. This could stretch Straw to his limits. Its not a case of a challenge of a demanding job, as much as a challenge to find out what John Prescott did and then stand in for him doing whatever it was.


New Publication – With His Face to the Foe


This has parallels with recent British history and current events in relation to Britain’s own Princes and the Royal Family. By tradition, the Royal Family has favoured service in the Royal Navy. This is not without risk, but it is a greatly reduced risk of capture and humiliation. Edward VIII, as Prince of Wales created difficulties when he wished to go to France during the 1914-18 War as a soldier. His wishes were accommodated but it was a constant pressure for the Commanders in the field to allow him some form of active service without allowing him to be exposed in the Front Line. During the Falklands War Prince Andrew as a serving RN Officer was allowed to join the expedition to liberate the Falklands from the Argentine invaders. He was exposed to severe risk as a helicopter pilot, one task being to decoy incoming missiles, but with almost no risk of being captured as an Argentine trophy. In 2007 as this book has been released, British Princes again present controversy. As a future King, Prince William has had to accept that his military service will not include active service with his contemporaries, but Prince Harry presents the same dilemma as that presented by Edward VIII, as Prince of Wales and The Prince Imperial Louis Bonaparte. Prince Harry has demonstrated a wish to make a career in the Army and to serve with his troops in the form of war that is a throw back to Empire and similar in several respects to the Anglo-Zulu Wars of the Nineteenth Century. The tale of the Prince Imperial is a cautionary tale for a modern British Prince. When Louis was allowed to join the British troops as an observer, it was thought that his attachment to General Lord Chelmsford’s staff would satisfy his desires for service without exposing him to danger and without European political repercussions. Tragically this was not to be. Accompanying a British mounted column to a Zulu homestead, Louis came under attack and was cut off. He died fighting bravely against overwhelming odds, a credit to the traditions of his family. With him died the possibility of a future Napoleon taking the Imperial Throne. This story is told by an author who has established a reputation for specialist knowledge of the Zulu Wars. There is a light touch that strikes just the right balance in this tale of sadness and a campaign that was typical of many Victorian military engagements where over confidence and lack of preparation resulted in battles that were lost or won badly. There are some entertaining contemporary cartoons reproduced in the body of text. There are illustrative maps and a selection of evocative and rare bandw photographs contained in a plate section. Given the Blair/Brown regime’s foreign adventures and the desires for a soldier’s career by a British Prince, this book is particularly timely. There are also parallels with a military under pressure from politicians who fail to support them with the necessary tools of trade and show little concern for losses when they are deployed with inadequate political thought for objectives and consequences.