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Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect as seen by the Times cartoonist

The BSD Prize for “Brass Neck of the Week” goes to Bottler Brown. Bottler has announced his ‘great idea’ of the week, a wizzo weeze to introduce more National Socialist legislation in the form of a Bill of Rights.

All sounds good? or is it?

Bottler has been a key part of the Blair Brown Regime since it seized power in 1997. He has therefore been a supporter and enabler for more than 3,000 new ‘criminal’ offenses which have formed part of the consistent drive to remove Civil Liberty in Britain. His new ‘Bill of Rights’ is designed to change centuries of British tradition where the citizen has been the holder of rights and has decided temporarily to lend some of those rights to Government, always able to recind the loan if the Government attempts to establish dictatorship. Under the Bottler Brown Bill of Rights, all rights will be the property of the Regime, but may be loaned to the citizens if they continue to vote for the Regime

An interesting series of on-line films at highlights some of the civil liberty abuses perpetrated by the Blair Brown Regime since 1997.

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If it walks like a duck………………..


Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect

There is an old and sage saying ” if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck”.

Each day more and more Eurocrats queue up to crow about the imposition of the European Constitution now renamed as “The Treaty of Lisbon”. It is now widely admitted by Eurocrats that the ‘treaty’ is the Constittuion carefully rewritten to look like a different document but containing all of the controls that were to be imposed by the Constitution in its original drafts. The reason has been admitted – it was rewritten specifically so that Eurocrats could deny citizens the opportunity to against vote overwhelmingly against the Constitution.

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Crazy Gordon – A Load of Rubbish


Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister non-elect

Bottler has been at it again marching his troops to the top of the hill and marching them down again. He was again talking rubbish – this time about his plans to impose swinging new taxes on the English with a pay-to-throw rubbish tax, charging English citizens yet again for the disposal of rubbish. Then Bottler realized that this might not be a vote winner so, on the eve of a Commons vote, he engaged reverse gear again. Unfortunately for Bottler his hencemen refused to follow his latest retreat. The result is that ‘pilot’ schemes will be introduced and widened until the new tax is imposed throughout England. The money raised is expected to be transferred to Scotland in a further attempt to buy votes.

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Crazy Gordon – Peace Prizes


Al Gore, Church of Global Warming

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in a Crazy Gordon to Al Gore. Already an Oscar winner for his propaganda film “An Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore has walked away with a share in the Peace Prize, perhaps enough money to fund a new bid for the US Presidency. Hillary Clinton, USAF call sign Broomstick, is worried enough to be talking about making Gore “Ambassador to the World” if she becomes President, in the hope that this may deter him from standing against her in the race to the White House.

Gore also won another prize for his film this week, when a British judge ruled that schools could only show the film to students if it was accompanied with a health warning, pointing out the numerous errors and falsehoods it contained, and describing it as a political propaganda film.

Whatever prompted the Nobel Prize committee to award the Peace Prize for global warming propaganda is unclear. There has been some waffle claiming that Gore has staved off future wars over resources. That is not credible because there will always be conflict over resources between nations and racial groups although this form of conflict has been less bitter down the centuries than wars fought over religion and beliefs. As a high priest of the newest and fastest growing religion, Gore may have started on the road to war, rather than contributing to peace.

The Church of Global warming is making a number of claims in its Gospel. The first claim is that climate change is resulting only in rising temperatures. The next claim is that temperatures will rise at a rapidly increasing rate. The next claim is that this temperature rise will result in the melting of the polar ice caps and that this will release such a volume of water that New York will be submerged under 300 ft of it ( a simple home experiment is to place an ice cube in a full glass of water and measure the amount of water displaced. Then take the ice cube, place it in another empty glass and let it melt. Measure the volume of water released by melting and compare it with the water originally displaced by the ice cube when placed in the first glass). Having claimed that most of the land mass will be inundated, the Church of Global Warming then claims that the remaining land will become arid desert (consider what happens when water is heated. It turns to water vapour and creates clouds. Those clouds then release the vapour as rain when they pass over land. If most of the land is flooded, what remains is likely to receive more rain and not become a desert – which requires a lack of rain to become dry). Finally, the Church of Global Warming asserts that the sole cause of this process is man-made pollution from cars and aircraft. The claim is then made that if a new commodity exchange is set up to allow polluters to trade in pollution ‘futures’ together with a ban on air travel and 4×4 vehicles, the problem will go away (consider what the situation was in Europe 2,000 years ago when the temperatures were higher than they are today – how many 4×4 vehicles and aircraft were in use during the Roman Empire?).

These claims fly in the face of the real inconvenient truths. The last 10,000 years have seen a period of unusual climate stability. Temperature variation has been measured at a number of locations around the world but there have also been some locations where reducing temperatures have been noted. Some computer models interpret the increases as being common to all parts of the world and forecast that they will now increase at a greater rate each year, but other computer models show a different future from the same base data. It has to be remembered that all computer models include the prejudices of the person, or persons, who created the model. A scientist who wished to demonstrate climate change, leading to global cooling, could build a computer model and populate it with data that would support the hypothesis of Global Cooling. All models will produce different results as the scope of base data changes. Anyone using temperature estimates from the last 20,000 years could produce a computer forecast that temperatures in 100 years will be exactly the same as the average for the last 100 years.

Those scientists who are not trying to prove any preconceived idea, but wish to research what is happening, start by saying that the Earth’s climate is far too complex, and the period for dependable data is too short, to support any of the claims by the Church of Global Warming. That is a fair and honest position but one which does not support any immediate action. By their own admission, this group of scientists expect to be researching the subject for generations. Human nature of course likes to have a scapegoat to blame, a method of sacrificing to the gods, and to see evidence of action now, however misguided.

So the first great question is – Should we leap into action now, just to appear to be doing something, and just in case the worst warnings from the Church of Global Warming might be right?

Then there is the second question – how far should we go in taking action?

If we assume that global warming is taking place, and that it is entirely due to the actions of man, should we attempt to turn the clock back to 1950, 1900, 1500, or perhaps back 150,000 years (which is the current best guestimate of when man appeared for the first time)?

Then we have to ask ourselves who should be affected. Should we apply restriction to everyone equally, in every country? Should we apply restriction unequally, so that the ruling elite and the rich can buy indulgences and continue merrily on their way without any restriction?

So far, the Church of Global Warming has demanded higher taxes and more pollution. The demand for renewable energy is based on a convenient ability to ignore the cost and pollution it represents. The basis of the demand is that renewable energy is free and causes no pollution. That simply is not true.


Visual scale of wind turbines is frequently overlooked. This farm dwarfs the scattered buildings in what was previously an attractive and peaceful rural area. Those living in the area claim that the noise drives them mad and the turbines interfere with radio and television reception. When a single turbine is erected it may become a local landmark. Once a line of them are erected they are seen as a reduction of visual amenity.

Building a wind farm requires the use of a great deal of energy and the consumption of finite resources to build the components, and then requires the use of more finite resources to transport the components and build the wind farm. Once built, the wind farm will require maintenance, which uses more finite resources, until such time as the wind turbines have to be replaced. In addition to the use of finite resources and the creation of new pollution in building and maintaining the wind farm, the most suitable locations are usually some distance from the nearest power consumers. As a result more use of finite resources to transmit the power from the farm to the consumer is required. All of the economic arguments in favour of wind farms conveniently ignore the true costs of building and maintenance, and avoid including the life cycle figures. It is common for Global Warming fundamentalists to claim that a wind turbine will pay for itself in 12 years, ignoing the fact that its working life may be 6 years and, therefore, the quoted costs are less than half of the real costs.

People generally like the idea of saving energy and money, while reducing pollution and saving the planet, provided that the wind farm will not be built next to them. That is not entirely unreasonable because evidence is now emerging that people who live close to wind farms and overhead power cables suffer a range of health problems. Grossly underestimated is the damage caused by noise pollution which makes it difficult to sleep close to a wind farm, and it has been claimed as a contributory factor in mental illness.

The solution is to build the wind farms out to sea where they are out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately this just increases the cost and the pollution from building wind farms.

Wind farms onshore and offshore cause visual pollution and harm other animals. The best place to build a wind farm for maximum power output is often on the migration route of birds. Experience shows that birds are killed and migration paths are disrupted. Building offshore presents problems for sea birds and can have serious effects on fish stocks and coastal erosion.

Once we look carefully at the reality of wind farms, the benefits start to be overwhelmed by the disadvantages. The same is true of wave-power schemes and hydro-electric power, where the building of barrages and dams causes serious ecological damage. As this comes to be more widely recognized, Global Warming fundamentalists try moving to the concept of many small windmills. These are even less efficient and proportionately more costly, requiring much longer than the probable working life to recover the cost of installation and maintenance.

Consistently, Global warming fundamentalists make unrealistic claims for the benefits of systems and procedures that they are putting forward as the answer to global warming. In Britain the costly and much derided HIPs have proved to be an unloved failure. The claim was that, by requiring every house to have an energy efficiency certificate, it would be much easier to sell houses and save the planet. The reality is that since the introduction of HIPS, the number of houses on the market for sale has fallen significantly and those that are for sale require the owners to pay a very high price for what is turning out to be a seriously flawed certificate. As existing housing stock was built before anyone thought about alleged energy efficiency devices. The consequence is that the values of those properties will fall once new housing stock, with the devices designed-in, come onto the market. As some buildings, particularly very old historic buildings that have been viewed as heritage to be preserved, will be very difficult and costly to modify, perfectly sound buildings will be removed and replaced. The premature destruction of those properties will cause more pollution and use of finite resources than would have been the case if they had continued in use without modification.

If we are honest with ourselves, energy and pollution issues can only be dealt with if we first prevent any further increase. At best, that means that we maintain the status quo between all countries, and ban all population and economic growth. That immediately sows the seeds for global conflict as those in developing countries demand parity with the rich developed countries. In this case, Al Gore may have sown the seeds of war.

If we decide that we will reduce the probability of war by making developed countries dramatically reduce their consumption and pollution to allow other countries to reach their level, we will almost certainly have civil war in developed countries.

We can only reduce pollution and energy demand by reducing population. That cannot be achieved by reducing birth rate alone because that will increase the proportion of old people in the population, who need greater resources, and eventually reduce fertility to the point where the population will not be able to replace itself.

There is a solution and that is to reduce the existing population and the well tried method is by war, which also consumes finite resources at a prodigious rate and creates massive pollution, or to engage in genocide

The less draconian solution woud be to encourage a lower birth rate and look for ways of reducing consumption even though this will produce a recession that may in turn lead to civil disorder and war.

There are two areas where some large savings could be made, but they would require turning the clock back. Accountants have encouraged the formation of larger units to benefit from savings of scale. That has produced a small number of large units producing product, then requiring that product to be shipped some distance to the consumers. The process has been made worse because larger retail units have formed near the points of consumption. Those units have been ruthlessly reviewed by accountants and their methods of presenting product have been guided by profitability and legislation on standards. The end result has been a huge growth in the use of packaging materials and the consumption of energy to move goods from producer to consumer with a massive increase in generated pollution. In parallel, we have all become more mobile and increasing traffic densities have encouraged the construction of motorways and the addition of lighting to improve road safety. Reducing the distance between producer and consumer would reduce packaging and transport costs, reducing traffic levels and allowing the elimination of street lighting. Unfortunately this might not be very popular either.

So the bottom line is that reducing consumption is the best way of reducing pollution and energy consumption, there are no easy answers, and we have a simple choice of either working methodically to a redirection of human consumption or rushing around like headless chickens taking dumb decisions and increasing taxation.

There are two final thoughts that may not be as insane as they at first appear.


Dr Strangelove learned to love the Bomb

One answer could be global nuclear war. One set of estimates suggest that the world population would be reduced to approximately 19% of its present level. Of those initial survivors, 60% would either die from resulting cancers and other complications, or be infertile. The nuclear winter would block out the sun for decades, leading to rapid global cooling and a new ice age. From that point the species would slowly recover and the Earth would regenerate.


Go boldly where no man………..

An alternative answer would be to dramatically increase spending on space exploration, building colonies on the Moon and on Mars as staging posts to go out ito the Universe.

Crazy Gordon – The Non-Election


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon Brown calls a non-election

In one of the most breathtaking Crazy Gordons, Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown crunches the gears and performs a handbrake turn, tyres smoking, and pieces falling off his vehicle.

Ever the swaggering playground bully, Gordon Brown and his henchmen have spent weeks briefing journalists and talking up his planned ‘snap’ election. Government has been paralysed as the Civil Service has been told to clear their desks in preparation for the dissolution of Parliament, prior to a General Election. HM The Queen has been confined to the London area so that she might grant Brown an audience and call the dissolution. Brown’s propagandists have been busy telling us that the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were about to be wiped out, leaving Brown’s national socialists as the only political party in Britain. Brown flew to Iraq for a pre-election photo opportunity and the re-announcement of his plans to withdraw British troops.


David Cameron has begun to prosper since he decided to ditch the wilder ‘green’ policies of his friend Zac Goldsmith and concentrate on policies to reverse the failures of the Blair Brown Regime

Then up steps young David Cameron and biffs him on the nose. Brown rushes crying for matron, blood pouring from his nostrils.

Sources close to the Scottish Prime Minister reveal that he may have to be fitted with prosthetic limbs. Apparently, he has been closeted with his henchmen watching television, reading ever more discouraging poll results and has bitten his nails back to the elbows.

This should not come as a surprise to political commentators. The reality of Gordon Brown has always been at odds with the Brown portrayed by his spin doctors. Brown has always had difficulty in reaching decisions. Fortunately of the British economy, he chickened out of running it as a Chancellor of the Exchequer and sub-contracted that part of the job to the Bank of England, which has maintained the economy even against the tax raids conducted by Brown.

As Chancellor, Brown has introduced a long line of stealth taxes and overly complex legislation that has hidden some of his worst offences.

His efforts at political engineering have seen the percentage of workers employed by the State rising at the expense of wealth creating jobs in commerce and industry. Not only has he tried to move people to financial dependency on the Government, but he has significantly increased their pay and given them lavish pensions funded from taxation.

When he talks of being a ‘conviction politician’ he should be talking of being a convicted politician and there is a wide selection of offences that he could be brought to account on.

In raiding the pensions of Britons to the tune of £100 billion he has dwarfed the crimes of his old friend Robert Maxwell, who raided the pension funds of his employees before taking a one-way dive off his super yacht at sea. Brown’s depredations have almost completely destroyed the Final Salary pension schemes, which most British workers had traditionally looked forward to. Generations of pensioners will now be forced to face an impoverished future.

He has been an activite party to the removal of civil liberty and some of the most sinister constrictions have come since he was appointed Prime Minister. In particular, the new powers to allow a huge number of government and quazi-governmental bodies to access the phone records of every citizen without any scrutiny have taken totalitarian rule to a new level of control.

At no stage has he had the courage to stand up and declare his political belief in big tax and big spend by an all-powerful State that will take all decisions for the citizens and intrude into every corner of their lives.

Most dramatically, his inability to reach clear decisions and his preference for dithering and nail-biting has been demonstrated by his relationship with his co-conspirator Tony Blair.

Originally Brown was the senior partner in this Laurel and Hardy partnership. Through indecision, he was progressively edged into the position of junior partner. Today, he claims that he had nothing to do with the ten years of national socialist government under Blair. The reality is that he schemed to stage a palace revolution and each attempt at a putsch failed because he lacked the ability to reach decisions and carryout plans. If Blair was an erstwhile Hitler, Brown was his Goering, party to all policies and an active perpetrator, to the extent that his spin doctors tried to portray him as the real Prime Minister ruling Britain, with Blair as some kind of President charged with managing the presentation of Brown’s government.


Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond could benefit greatly from two more years of waste and indecision by a Blair Brown regime in its final throws

The sad consequence of the last few days is that Brown has declared he will hang on at least until 2010 before calling a General Election. This will increase demands for a referendum NOW on the European Constitution Treaty. We can also expect to see the elected Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond making further gains in Scotland at the expense of the English as Brown desperately tries to buy votes in Scotland. A further consequence is that he has made himself every bit as much a lame duck Prime Minister as Blair did when he announced that he would fight no more elections.


Gun Fired – More Deaths Feared


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon Brown

With breath-taking cynicism, Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown flew to Iraq for a photo opportunity to re-announce the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, demonstrating that the culture of spin is still very much at the heart of the Blair Brown regime. His propaganda trip did not apparently include a meeting with his partner in crime, and co-architect of the British invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair, who has been given a lucrative sinecure in Palestine.

Last week at the Blair brown regime’s conference, Brown was unable to spare more than one word for every two British Middle East troop fatalities, further demonstrating the low regard in which he holds British soldiers. Yesterday however there was something he thought they could do for him. The ultimate price could be further deaths for British troops and the death or mistreatment of women in the areas of southern Iraq abandoned to the Shia militia.

His announcement is widely believed to be the starting gun for the next British General Election and a propaganda stunt to deny news headlines to the Conservatives who are holding there annual conference, at which some major new policies are being announced.

The Scottish Prime Minister announced a total number of troops that includes 250 who have already returned to Britain, 250 who are part of the second group due to return, and a further 500 who are believed to be the third wave of withdrawals previously announced by the Ministry of Defence but where the exact number was not announced.

MOD sources initially admitted that they had no idea that the Scottish Prime Minister was flying to Iraq or that he would be making the announcement that was supposed to be part of a statement to the British Parliament next week, in a further indication of the contempt in which his regime holds Parliament and democracy. This is not surprising because the Scottish Secretary Des Browne, who also moonlights in any spare time as the Defence Minister, is too busy attempting to buy Scottish votes for the forthcoming General Election.


Scottish First Minister, Elected, Alex Salmond

The Blair Brown regime is now totally pre-occupied with the timing and conduct of the forthcoming election which they hope will turn Britain into a One Party State. In Scotland they face an ever more popular Scottish Nationalist Party which came to power in Scotland and has handled its challenges deftly and effectively. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond dealt successfully with the terror bombing of Glasgow Airport, for which Gordon Brown tried to take the credit, and has demonstrated the fitness of the Scottish Nationalists to govern in Scotland.

In the regime’s central and northern heartlands it faces a determined attack by the British National Party. If Scottish Nationalists and British Nationalists are as successful as some commentators forecast, they will cause the fall of the Blair Brown regime even if the Conservatives fail to make any further gains in England. In part, the announcement in Iraq is seen as an attempt to buy Islamic votes by hiding the fact that Brown has agreed to keep British troops in Iraq until US troops are prepared to withdraw and to redeploy troops withdrawn from Iraq to Afghanistan.

With the earliest date for a British General Election now November 1 1007, Brown fears a resurgent Conservative Party will add to his fears of the Scottish and British Nationalists and could wipe his national socialist regime out at the polls. The propaganda stunt in Iraq yesterday is an indication of growing desperation amongst the Brown clique.

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An Interesting Month

September has been an interesting month that merits some reflection before comment.

Events in Burma are still unfolding. Yet another unloved junta is still desperately clinging to its power and wealth in the face of a popular uprising that is thus far pacific on the side of the rebels. The junta are still extremely dangerous and the initial bloodshed, caused by troops opening fire with automatic weapons on unarmed and peaceful demonstrators, has provoked international condemnation.

In Britain the Scottish Prime Minister is dithering about calling a snap election. This next election could be make or break for national socialism in Britain. If Scottish Prime Minister Brown is able to juggle a forth win for the national socialists, Britain will become a one party state and the national socialists will continue to strengthen their grip. They are busy introducing new powers to enable them to fiddle the election.

In Brussels the march to a European Super State continues over the bodies of its citizens. The French and Dutch are apparently not to be trusted with a vote on the Constitution because they voted NO last time. Scottish Prime Minister Brown is determined to prevent the British from having a vote. Once the Constitution is adopted, there will be a central appointed Federal Government with a President and a Foreign Minister. Brussels will then have total control of all foreign and domestic policy with the United States of Europe.

Russia continues to flex its muscles in a return to the Cold War in an ever more unstable world.

US military and Executive officers have been condemning the British withdrawal from Iraq and suggesting a lack of courage. The effect of drawing troops back to Basra airport may have had the same effect as a complete withdrawal but British troops are still exposed to danger while the Blair Brown regime tries to make its mind up, influenced by the current consideration of an election date for Britain.

The run on the Northern Rock bank in Britain demonstrated the fragility of business confidence around the world. Property prices in the US and Britain have fuelled economic expansion well above the real value of the property. In the process it has hidden some worrying signs in other parts of the economies of these two countries. Now that the property bubble is threatening to burst in a spectacular manner, a serious recession could be about to begin. In a global market, this could start a chain reaction and caused considerable hardship in many countries.

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